12 Last Second Casting Changes (For The Better)

Sometimes the second choice turns out to be the right choice.
12 Last Second Casting Changes (For The Better)

Some characters are inseparable from the actors who play them. Marty McFly is Michael J. Fox, period. It's hard to believe that such iconic castings were sometimes the second choice. We're not saying there's an alternate universe where Hugh Jackman isn't Wolverine -- we're saying that this is the alternate universe.

In fact, this happens often enough that we're starting to believe that Fate intervenes to put the right performers in the right role. Just look at all these examples we found.

CRACKED.COM Tim curry would have made a sick Joker. Mark Hamill's Joker is one of the best things about Batman: The Animated. Series. But Hamill was b
CRACKED.COM Marty MCFLY just wasn't funny. Back to the Future started production with Eric Stoltz as Marty. But Stoltz' comedic energy was just not th
12 Last Second Casting Changes (For The Better)
CRACKED.COM John Hurt was a late addition to the crew Of the NoStroMO. British thespian Jon Finch played Kane for a short time while shooting Alien. T
CRACKED.COM sylvester slallone blew his own chances to play Axel Foley. BEVE HI Stallone was the first choice to star in Beverly Hills Cop. He accepte
CRACKED.COM Jaws from James Bond was almost the Hulk. Richard Kiel was the first actor to be painted green for the pilot of The Incredible Hulk. He wa
CRACKED.COM corporal Hicks was replaced because of drugs. Hicks is the only Marine left alive when Aliens ends, but his original actor didn't make it
An injury prevented cameron Diaz from being sonya Blade. Diaz started martial arts training for Mortal Kombat as soon as she finished filming The Mask
CRACKED COM Lisa Kudrow wasn't a good ROZ. Kudrow and Peri Gilpin were the two final choices for Roz Doyle in Frasier- and the producers went with Kud
Al swearengen was written for Ed O'Neill. Deadwood creator David Milch intended loser Al Bundy to play scary pimp Swearengen. But HBO said no because,
CRACKED.COM that's not always Hugo weaving behind V'S mask. A few scenes of V for Vendetta feature James Purefoy, a.k.a. Mark Antony from Rome. At the
CRACKED.COM Dougray scott was too late to play Wolverine. You may remember Scott as the bad guy in Mission: Impossible 2. He remembers that as well, a


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