18 Facts About What’s Streaming On Netflix In August

Go through this summer month with lemonade, movies, and trivia.
18 Facts About What’s Streaming On Netflix In August

August is coming. It’s the last full month of the summer. Gone will be the days of hard lemonade and spiked Kool-Aid from your friend who hasn't realized yet that he should have outgrown that drink in college. Soon will come the months of spiked pumpkin lattes and mulled wine from that one friend of yours that takes Dungeons and Dragons way too seriously. For now though, we champion through the last days of the summer. 

To help our quest through August, Netflix has some new additions to its library of movies and TV shows. It can help conquer the blistering heat by chilling inside and enjoying some streaming media for a few hours or half-a-day, depending on what you are going to binge. In any case, good stuff and good times are on the way.

Here are some facts about the television shows and films that are coming to Netflix this month.

Men in Black 3

August on NETFLIX August 1 Men in Black 3 Sacha Baron Cohen was being headhunted to play Boris, but the part ultimately went to Jemaine Clement. CRACKED.COM

Source: Metro

Clusterf**k: Woodstock '99

August on NETFLIX F August 2 clusterf**k: woodstock '99 Three people died at the modern reboot of the peaceful music festival, which was rife with trouble, poor preparation, and chaos. CRACKED.COM

Source: MTV

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