There are some truly demanding and difficult jobs out there-- Basically anyone who works at a desk should think twice before criticizing anyone who works on their feet all day. Typically, however, we don't consider “performer” among these “demanding and difficult” professions… But based on this list, we might be in the wrong there. Sure, an actor's job is mostly to pretend to be a cartoon super villain and say the things that another person wrote, but that's not taking into account the months of training one might have to do to look that level of ripped on screen. 

Sure, the millions of dollars they get in return probably eases the burn of grueling daily workouts and consuming only boiled chicken and, water, we guess… But that doesn't make the gig less physically demanding. Personally? I'm happy just answering my dumb little e-mails on my dumb little computer, and eating a pizza at the end of it. 

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