Out of all the Hollywood Chrises, Chris Evans is arguably the least problematic. Not to say that it’s a contest or anything, but the dude seems to live well and have the right ratio of handsome heartthrob/”Dude, I just want to hang with my dog” that appeals to the majority of the American public. 

While he is a celebrity (not to mention the owner of America’s Ass), there is still a lot about Chris Evans that may not be well-known to the general masses. Yes, yes, of course every nerd knows about him being Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm before becoming the Captain America we all know and love today, but we’re talking some personal stuff. Deep stuff. Or just, you know, fun stuff.

Here is some stuff, factual stuff, about Chris Evans that can fit around your brain like that lovely cream-colored cable-knitted sweater from Knives Out that he wears so damn well.

Mystery Date

CRACKED.COM Chris Evans Could Chris Evans be your Mystery Date? One of Evans' earliest gigs performer was to be Tyler in the 1990s board game Mystery Date. Не even made it on the box cover of the game.

Source: People

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