From 1993 to 2004, the television show Frasier won 37 Emmys, but the dog who played Eddie won America's hearts.

Read more about the interesting life of this famous good boy below.

THE SITCOM FRASIER RAN FOR 11 SEASONS. Who could forget Kelsey Grammer as the pompous Frasier Crane, his snobby brother Niles, or their down-to-earth

MEET MOOSE, THE STAR OF THE SHOW. Martin Crane's dog was called Eddie on the show. The real name of the Jack Russell Terrier (as much as dogs can have

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YOU MIGHT RECOGNIZE HIM FROM COMMERCIALS. Moose starred alongside Seinfeld star Jason Alexander in a Rold Gold pretzel commercial. CRACKED COM

MOOSE 'WROTE A BOOK. By M oosc. also known as Eddie My Life aS Dog a with Brian Hargrove My Life As A Dog was written as his autobiography by the

MOOSE WAS PART OF A HOLLYWOOD DYNASTY. MOOSE ENZO Moose's son Enzo was also in show biz. In Moose's later years, Enzo sometimes played Eddie and did t

MOOSE AND ENZO BOTH STARRED AS SKIP IN MY DOG SKIP. uv Banc y feeree Frankie Diane Lauke Kevin MUNIZ LANE WILSON BACON Dog My Skip Every family neads


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