32 Real Gadgets For All The Secret Agents Out There

You'll have to hum the James Bond theme yourself.
32 Real Gadgets For All The Secret Agents Out There

This looks like the end for the dashing secret agent… The evil billionaire bad guy has gotten away with the nuclear codes (after a monologue describing the entire evil plan), and left the hero tied to gigantic log that is inching towards a buzzsaw that's being operated by a body building henchman near a giant pool of man eating manatees or something. Okay, lost the plot there for a second, but that's how daydreams go sometimes. You probably won't ever find yourself in a cool, dramatic super spy situation like that… But if you ever were, you might wish that you had some of the cool secret agent gadgets below at your disposal.

Some of the below will hopefully inspire future writers of James Bond or Mission: Impossible franchises… When are we going to see Ethan Hunt utilize a fake scrotum with a transmitter? Stop being cowards, Hollywood. Come on.  

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