16 Ridiculous Gadgets Used By IRL James Bonds

The umbrella gun is just the tip of the iceberg.
16 Ridiculous Gadgets Used By IRL James Bonds

War is awful. There's just nothing entertaining about that. What is entertaining is the bizarre stuff wartime engineers came up with, to help agents gather intelligence on each other. It's almost like it was an arms race to see which countries could out-stupid each other.

16 Ridiculous Gadgets Used By IRL James Bonds
The Caccolube destroyed tanks and was made of condoms. During World War II, the OSS created an anti-vehicle weapon out of condoms filled with abrasive
Actual dead rats are used to deliver spy stuff. The CIA has confirmed that since World War FIG. 1 lI, the body cavities of dead rats have been used as
16 Ridiculous Gadgets Used By IRL James Bonds
16 Ridiculous Gadgets Used By IRL James Bonds
Real-life James Bonds hid maps in playing cards. In order to sneak a map past prison security, the Brits would cut one into 52 pieces and hide them on
The Insectothopter looks like a dragonfly. During the primitive timES of the '70s, the CIA designed a dragonfly drone that carried a listening device.
We gave exploding flour to the Chinese during World War IL. WHATS QOOKING ?AUNTOEMIMA When a nitroamine high explosive is mixed with regular baking fl
This cigarette will kill you. OK, yes, all cigarettes FIG. 1 will kill you, but this one was more direct. British Intelligence FG. Z developed a singl
Spies used records to hide maps and cash In a tactic British Intelligence called FG. Z Operation Smash Hit, maps and foreign money would be hidden i
The Acoustic Kitty was a monstrosity. During the '60s the CIA cut open live cats in an attempt to tum them into walking bugs. The cats were surgically
The Rectal Tool Kit hides tools in your butt. In 1960, the CIA made a special kit for helping spies to escape from any sticky situation. It's a capsul
Nazis invented exploding candy bars. The Nazis took advantage of the food shortage during World War I by handing out chocolate bombs. The bombs would
Yep, cigarette pack cameras were a real thing. In 1950, the U.S. Signal Corps developed a camera that perfectly fit in a pack of Lucky Strike cigarett
British spies used semen as invisible ink. During World War I, captain Cumming (his real name) came Neves GONNA GIVE YOU UP across a useful way to GON
16 Ridiculous Gadgets Used By IRL James Bonds


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