Tell Us Now: 14 Stephen King Characters That Give Us Nightmares

Which creation from the King of Horror horrifies you the most?
Tell Us Now: 14 Stephen King Characters That Give Us Nightmares

Even if you have been living under a rock, we’d assume you have heard of Stephen King. Since 1967, he’s entertained us with suspense and horror books. Even if you’re not much of a reader, it’s nearly impossible to miss his influence on the cultural landscape: from movies to miniseries to comic books, you can’t miss his writing. Even if you completely avoid horror altogether, there’s little chance you’ve missed the references and parodies of his work. 

We asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “Who’s the scariest Stephen King character?” The King of Horror has written 64 novels and somewhere around 200 short stories. There are a lot of options to choose from. We expected the obvious: Pennywise, Carrie, the Grady sisters. However, the consensus was that more than any of the supernatural creatures, characters who were based in reality…who could actually be walking among us… are the most terrifying. Do you agree? 

Randall Flagg

... TELL US NOW. RANDALL FLAGG Chad В. nominates Flagg as the scariest Stephen King character, saying, The Stand miniseries came out when I was in middle school, and the day after watching the first episode I swear a crow followed me for several blocks while I was walking to school. CRACKED.COM

Annie Wilkes

... TELL US NOW. ANNIE WILKES MISERY Jerry K. says the scariest Stephen King character is Hands down, Annie Wilkes in Misery. If you thought Kathy Bates was terrifying in the movie, she's even more in the novel. CRACKED.COM

Patrick Hockstetter

... TELL US NOW. PATRICK HOCKSTETTER IT Patrick R. says this minor character is the most terrifying, Не got jealous of his baby brother, so he smothered him with an oven mitt then sat quietly on the floor, watching TV, while his parents freaked out as just the beginning. CRACKED.COM

Lorraine Massey

... TELL US NOW. LORRAINE MASSEY THE SHINING Thomas M. says the scariest character is the naked dead lady in the bathtub from The Shining. CRACKED.COM

The Children of the Corn

... TELL US NOW. THE CHILDREN CHILDREN OF THE CORN John Е. says, The movie sucks but that short story is maybe the creepiest thing I've ever read. CRACKED.COM

Gage Creed

... TELL US NOW. GAGE CREED PET SEMATARY Scott J. says, Just something about a three-year-old (or however old he was) going all evil like that... CRACKED.COM

Margaret White

... TELL US NOW. MARGARET WHITE CARRIE Ericka H. says Carrie's mom is the scariest of Stephen King's creations. The religious zealot harshly punishes her daughter for any perceived sin. CRACKED.COM

Alvin "Al" Marsh

... TELL US NOW. ALVIN MARSH IT Rhiannon J. says the scariest Stephen King character is Beverly's dad in It. Не creeps me out, way more than Pennywise. CRACKED.COM

Zelda Goldman

... TELL US NOW. ZELDA GOLDMAN PET SEMATARY Brian N. nomaintes Zelda, Rachel Creed's sister in Pet Semetary. Her scenes scared the hell out of me when I was ten. CRACKED.COM

Greg Stillson

... TELL US NOW. GREG STILLSON THE DEAD ZONE Bronto S. the fictional president is scary because he's more or less become real. CRACKED.COM

Kurt Barlow

... TELL US NOW. KURT BARLOW SALEM'S LOT Cory А. says, The moment he goes after the dude in the jail cell has traumatized me. There's something about the way he moves that's scary. CRACKED.COM

Leland Gaunt

... TELL US NOW. LELAND GAUNT NEEDFUL THINGS John W. nominates the proprietor of the Needful Things shop as the most terrifying Stephen King character. CRACKED.COM

The Overlook Hotel

... TELL US NOW. THE OVERLOOK HOTEL THE SHINING Bach z. says, Every bit as much a character as Jack or Danny, it's the hotel that kept me awake at night. I had a seriously hard time finishing that book. It's the hotel that kept all those guests alive. CRACKED.COM

The Langoliers

... TELL US NOW. THE LANGOLIERS Kalynne C. nominates the creatures as the most frightening Stephen King characters, saying, It's the only movie in my life that really creeped me out. WTF were they?? What kind of universe was that movie set in? CRACKED.COM


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