Stephen King

What demons hide in the shadows, under sewers, or deep in the woods? What lingering ghosts from terrors past haunt the hallways of this hotel? And most importantly, what horrors lurk deep within the souls of Mainers? One master of the macabre has dedicated his life to exploring that which others find too shocking to contemplate (namely, the souls of Mainers): Stephen King. 

King has written around a book a year since roughly around the time of the Salem Witch Trials, and he even found time to direct a movie made of cocaine. Being that prolific means having some big hits, some conspiracy-predicting misfires, and the envy of any writer trying to pound out the last 10,000 words of a tenth draft. What's great about the guy is that he's always willing to try things. Yes, Stephen King has dabbled in comedy (with mixed results). He was in a rock band with Matt Groening and Amy Tan. He's ambitious with his shared universes. But maybe the strangest thing we've learned is that yes, even Stephen King finds movies too scary sometimes. 



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