20 Fascinating Facts About The Life And Legacy Of Stephen King

Wonder if that means he's never watched "13 Ghosts."
20 Fascinating Facts About The Life And Legacy Of Stephen King

Stephen King is one of the most prolific and celebrated authors of our time. His approach to horror fiction has inspired countless other writers, and his novels have been adapted into some of the most successful films and television shows of all time. What makes King's work so special is his ability to tap into our deepest fears and give them a powerful, unforgettable voice. Whether it's the fear of evil lurking in the shadows or the fear of losing those we love, King's stories speak to us on a primal level. And that's why his legacy will continue to endure for generations to come.

What exactly makes him so popular? In this article, we'll take a look at some fascinating facts about King's life and legacy. From his early days as a struggling writer to his phenomenal success as an author, King has always been determined to make his mark on the world. So, read on to learn more about this talented and fascinating individual!

LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM He used to sell horror movie transcripts to friends at school until he got caught. In his book, On Writing, King told of how he'd watch horror movies, write them in his own words, and then sell them at school to make some cash. When the teachers found out he was distributing gory literature, he had to return all of his profits.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM King kicked off his career by getting published in porn magazines. PENTHOUSE EXCLUSIVE IVERSARY GEORGE BUSH: STRANGE FAMILY TIES MORTON DOWNEY JR: THE REAL RAGISTS STEPHEN KING: *NIGHTMARES IN THE SKY SMOKERS: AND FIGHTING BACK PLUS: Like many other notable writers, King's first stories found a home in various men's magazines. Stories like The Lawnmower Man and Graveyard Shift were published in Cavalier, Children of the Corn was first published in Penthouse, and The Word Processor of Gods was first published in Playboy.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM He writes about writers, a lot. This may seem like an eye-rolling trope to some, but King uses this angle (and knowledge) to comment on everything from fan culture and the relationship between writers and their audiences to the sometimes blurred lines between fiction and reality.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM He bought the van that nearly killed him. King was struck by a minivan in 1999. After his recovery, he purchased the van for $1,500, joking that he was going to destroy it with a sledgehammer.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM King once did a short musical film with Michael Jackson. In 1996, Jackson hired King to write a short music video film called Ghosts. The story was about the mayor of Normal valley trying to run a character called The Maestro out of town for doing something, er, strange to the local children. The Maestro, swearing his innocence, challenges the mayor to a contest in which the one to get scared first had to leave the town. It ends with the mayor running away after The Maestro turns into a demon. Swell.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM He's had to deal with fame just like other celebrities, but different. Rolling Stone once interviewed King in 2014 at his Dunder Mifflin-looking office on the outskirts of Bangor, Maine. King's assistant explained that we can't be on a main road because people would find us. And it's not people you want to find you. He draws some weird people.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM Many of King's early works were fueled by booze and cocaine. From the late '70s up until around 1986, King was a heavy user of cocaine, an addiction he was eventually able to overcome with the help of a family intervention. His addiction reflects in many of his works, and he knows it:  Misery is a book about cocaine. Annie Wilkes is cocaine.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM King suffers from triskaidekaphobia, the fear of the number 13. FRIDAY 13 He was once asked to donate $13,000 to bring home some Maine troops for the holidays in 2009. He donated $12,9 instead. He also wrote about being a triskie once in The New York Times, saying that it's neurotic, sure. But it's also... safer.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM On Outcasts King has explored masculinity in many of his stories, often writing about nerds and outcasts who go from boyhood to adulthood. The bonds between boys and men and dealing with manhood can be seen in IT, Salem's Lot, and The Shining, to name a few. Before King, outcast kids weren't mainstream topics found in adult fiction.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM He can't remember writing Cujo. It was during his addiction years that King penned the book about the good dog getting rabies and turning bad. There's one novel, Cujo, that I barely remember writing at all. I don't say that with pride or shame, only with a vague sense of sorrow and loss. I like that book. I wish I could remember enjoying the good parts as I put them down on the page.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM Tabitha King has had the biggest influence on her husband. A successful author herself, Tabitha refused that King get a better paying job and insisted he write more, even giving him her typewriter. She also dug out the manuscript of Carrie from the trash and told him to work on it because she thought it was good. It was the book that launched his career.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM King wrote under an alias so he could publish more than one book a year. RICHAR! BACHMAN RECULATORS To bypass the industry's marketing standard of one book per year he started publishing under the name Richard Bachman - a name he came up with while listening to a song of Bachman Turner Overdrive while a Richard Stark novel was laying on his desk. Rage, The Long Walk, Thinner, and The Running Man were all printed under his Bachman alias.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.com 2017's IT is the highest grossing horror movie of all time. You'll float too. Domestic gross: $327.5 million (not adjusted for inflation) More than a third of King's stories have been adapted to screen in some form.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM King wrote a southern gothic supernatural musical with John Mellencamp. Ghost Brothers of Darkland County had its debut in 2012, and it's about a house that Mellencamp once bought in Indiana that was said to be haunted by two brothers who fought over a girl, only for all three to die tragically.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.co King is baseball mad. WOSTON 18 He helped build the Shawn T. Mansfield Stadium in Bangor, coached for two years, co-wrote a book about the Red Sox in 2004, and at one point owned a sports talk radio station.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM A family of writers. King's wife, Tabitha, as well as both their sons are also writers. King used to ask his children to record stories for him to listen to on tapes during long drives- from The Carpetbaggers to Raven, the journalistic account of the Jonestown Massacre. The kids were the ones who had to come up with bedtime stories at night.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM He used playing cards to order the short stories in Everything's Eventual. In the book's introduction he explained: What I did was take all the spades out of a deck of cards plus a joker. Ace to King 1-13. Joker = 14. I shuffled the cards and dealt them. The order in which they came out of the deck became the order of the stories, based on their position in the list my publisher sent me. And it actually created a very nice balance between the literary stories and the all-out screamers.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM It took a long time for critics to take King seriously. The author was nre-shamed and mocked by critics for his literary tastes and horror works. It was only after the film adaptation of The Shawshank Redemption was released and received critical acclaim that people started paying more attention to him. After 1998, his books were finally marketed as literary fiction.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM For $1, film students can purchase an available Stephen King story and turn it into a movie. Called The Dollar Babies initiative, King has a list of stories on his website that film students can apply to purchase the rights of and adapt into a movie. This initiative was started back in 1977. One of his early Dollar Baby sells was The Woman in the Room, purchased and directed by Frank Darabont who went on to direct The Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, and The Mist.
LIFE AND LEGACY OF STEPHEN KING CRACKED.COM King is the only author in history to have more than 30 books become No.: 1 best-sellers. 0000 SERVICE NNG STEPHEN KNG KING KING KING KING The man has published more than 70 books, so far.


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