41 Horrible Facts About Adorable Animals

41 Horrible Facts About Adorable Animals

Let's do an exercise: Imagine the cutest animal that you possibly can. It's okay, take your time, we'll wait… Maybe it's has gigantic eyes, or adorable little toe beans, or stretches it's little tummy in hopes of scritches from it's best buddy in the whole wide world. Have this adorable little guy in your brain? Great.

Here's the cold, hard reality: That cute little animal is probably a freaking monster that lives by the cold and uncaring rules of the wild. Sometimes it's cruel, sometimes it's just gross, but either way the below facts will ruin your image of these animals forever. 

Did you know that octopi feel spite? Or that hippos are unrelenting poop flinging machines? You also may not know that you've probably never seen an adult chimpanzee on television or in a movie, because once they hit adulthood they become violence-loving murder beasts from the bowels of the chaos dimension. 

Animal lovers beware, you may not be the same after this.   

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