21 Horrific Facts About Adorable Animals

Nature can be terrifying
21 Horrific Facts About Adorable Animals
Aw, these animals are so cute and sweet...until you learn anything about the horrors of their natural behaviors. Read on to learn 21 ways that Mother Nature is sick and twisted.
HIPPOS MARK THEIR TERRITORY BY HELICOPTERING THEIR POOP. Hippos will spin their tails while pooping in order scatter it farther.
YOU CAN SEE PENGUIN POOP FROM SPACE Researchers are using satellite photos of poop to study and track colonies. CRACKEDCON
Source: Vox
CAPUCHIN MONKEYS WASH THEIR BODIES WITH THEIR URINE. This process attracts mates. Marcel on Friends was grosser than you thought.
Source: BBC
THE SLOW LORIS CAN KILL YOU WITH ITS POISON. The only known venomous primate releases toxins from its inner arm. Some researchers believe it has evolv
Source: BMC
MALE DOLPHINS WILL MURDER BABY DOLPHINS IN ORDER TO MATE WITH THE MOTHER. A new mother is unavailable for mating for years while she cares for her you
Source: BBC
LADYBUGS ARE CANNIBALS 2-spot larvae will eat their siblings in order to develop faster and create less competition for survival. CRACKEDCON
Source: BBC
BABY KOALAS EAT THEIR MOM'S POOP Joeys initially breastfeed, but for several weeks it will peek its head out of its mom's poach to feast from its mom'
Source: PBS
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