We love animals. They can be strange, cute and sometimes deadly. They are almost always interesting though. We’ve written about sensational and unbelievable powers certain species possess. We’ve written about animals that make us question the wisdom (and general sobriety) of mother nature. We’ve even written about animals that have what seem like some serious design flaws.

Are you in the right headspace to receive information about otters that could possibly hurt you? They may look cuddly and innocent, but even the fluffiest-wuffiest creatures in the animal kingdom are actually psychos that wouldn’t think twice about burning down an orphanage if it helped them eat, mate, or just gave their miserable existence a brief second of joy. 

We bet you didn’t know about the venomous danger posed by the deadly arm pit of the slow loris. We certainly never knew about the morbid and cruel uses that woodpeckers put their bills to–and it has nothing to do with the cheap siding on your condo.

Want to learn more? Read on…

Penguins Emperor penguin mothers who lost their young will kidnap a chick as a surrogate; the chilly step-moms soon get bored of their adopted offspri

Source: BBC

otters CRACKEDco When they're on their backs holding hands, it's easy to forget that otters rape baby seals, who are sometimes drowned in the process.

Source: Vox

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Meerkats CRACKED co Hakuna Matata? Not likely. In meerkat society, the group alpha will kill nursing pups and use that mother as a wet nurse to her ow

Source: BBC


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