Are you in the right headspace to receive information about otters that could possibly hurt you? They may look cuddly and innocent, but even the fluffiest-wuffiest creatures in the animal kingdom are actually psychos that wouldn’t think twice about burning down an orphanage if it helped them eat, mate, or just gave their miserable existence a brief second of joy. 

Penguins Emperor penguin mothers who lost their young will kidnap a chick as a surrogate; the chilly step-moms soon get bored of their adopted offspri

Source: BBC

otters CRACKEDco When they're on their backs holding hands, it's easy to forget that otters rape baby seals, who are sometimes drowned in the process.

Source: Vox

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Meerkats CRACKED co Hakuna Matata? Not likely. In meerkat society, the group alpha will kill nursing pups and use that mother as a wet nurse to her ow

Source: BBC

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