15 Weird And Wild Headlines That Gave Us Pause

Blockbuster: Part 2 is coming to a British Columbia basement.
15 Weird And Wild Headlines That Gave Us Pause

"What is it?" I asked. "A sword? A spear?"

I was standing on a street in the capital with my friend Jalee. We were waiting outside the gates of her house, which she'd been living at for several years now. It was one of those huge old houses that used to be owned by some important noble or merchant. They all seem to end up being bought by rich merchants who live in them and rent out rooms, but then the people living there get really annoyed because it's like being stuck in the middle of a crowded marketplace.

We'd spent the day walking around the city, and now I could see her mother standing in front of a large house. It was made out of wood like so many others, but it had these strange pillars holding up its roof. As I approached, I noticed the pillars were inscribed from top to bottom with writing. I started reading the writing on the first pillar, and it was a list of fifteen facts that went ...

Safe sex is a top priority for the Easter Bunny.

WEIRD WORLD The Easter Bunny handed out condoms at a Texas elementary school. A parent dressed in a costume (not the actual Easter Bunny) handed out plastic eggs to children at dismissal, as well as unopened condoms. When asked to leave, the parent stepped onto a public sidewalk and continued to hand out items. CRACKED.COM

Fox 7 Austin

YouTuber crashes plane for views.

WEIRD WORLD The F.A.A. is investigating a YouTuber that possibly crashed his plane just for views. The video from December shows Trevor Jacob cursing in panic before leaping with a parachute out of a small plane. Some experts had wondered if the crash was a publicity stunt. CRACKED.COM

NY Times 

The pot festival has a chance of getting ruined by people smoking pot.

WEIRD WORLD The city of Denver has said, in no uncertain terms, that there is to be no pot smoking at 420 Fest. Despite advertising the annual Mile High 420 Festival to fight the stigma surrounding marijuana use, Denver had to remind attendees that it is very much illegal to light up during the festivities. CRACKED.COM

Denver Post 

Don’t take financial advice from influencers on Twitter.

WEIRD WORLD A leaked price list shows how much online personalities will shill for crypto. Zachxbt shared a list of influencers and how much they charge to shill crypto projects on Twitter. The spreadsheet includes current and former professional athletes and Lindsay Lohan. CRACKED.COM


A Florida sheriff stunts on the haters and raps at a press conference.

WEIRD WORLD A Florida sheriff mocks arrested local rappers with a costumed freestyle. During a press conference about an undercover drug trafficking investigation, Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd draped a giant chain around his neck and spat out fat bars. CRACKED.COM

Hip hop DX 

Florida rejects math books for daring to teach kids “social emotional learning.”

WEIRD WORLD Florida education officials reject 54 math 4 O 18 x textbooks for 'attempts to x 4 indoctrinate students.' 25 8 12 89 76 1/2 10 3 6 X x x x X 42 7 1 8 & N20 5 1 30 99 55 x X X X 3 5 X The State Department of Education says the CRACKED.COM books referenced critical race theory, common core, social emotional learning.

Click Orlando 

A former Blockbuster assistant manager is launching his own video rental store in his home.

WEIRD WORLD A British Columbia man is launching Blockbuster: Part 2 DVD rental from his basement. AT ARE GAPIES BLOCKBUSTER REDUCED STORE LIQUISE REDU STORE CLOSING! ALL STOCK ALL STOCK REDUCED! STORE adidas ALL STOCK STORE CLOSING TOYOU STOCK ALL STOCK REDUCED! SAVE 15 REDUCED! CLOSING LIQUIDATION 24 HOUR EVERYTHING MUST GO! DEVO - MUST GO! EVERYTHING MUST GO! 50%OFF ALL STOCK REDUCED! TOTAL STOCK LIQUIDATION EVERYTHING MUST GO! The 900 titles owned by Nol Preen will be available for rent, all customers have to do is email him to receive a list of available titles and respond with their


The Ministry of Health accidentally shared their Pornhub habits on Twitter.

WEIRD WORLD Quebec's Ministry of Health tweeted a link to porn instead of a COVID page. And not just any porn, but the worst kind of porn: foot stuff. The link was up for more than 30 minutes before it was noticed and replaced. CRACKED.COM

Times News UK 

Equity and inclusion committee members accused a black man of wearing blackface.

WEIRD WORLD Diversity campaigners accused a primary school of racism for hiring a DJ who wore blackface, only to discover the man was black. Members of the school district equity and inclusion committee complained after seeing images of Kim Koko Hunter at a 1970s themed РТА event, accusing him of wearing darker makeup, or it could be the patio lighting. CRACKED.COM


A cannabis dispensary in Florida went up in smoke.

WEIRD WORLD Firefighters in Clearwater, FL battled smoke from within a cannabis dispensary. Luckily there were no injuries reported from the MÜV Medical Cannabis fire, although the firefighters should probably wait a while before operating heavy machinery. CRACKED.COM

Fox 13 News 

Our long, National nightmare is over.

WEIRD WORLD Taco Bell is finally bringing back the Mexican Pizza, Doja Cat confirms. TACO BELL TACOBELL 20 g fill H The voice of the Taco Bell people delivered the good news on Twitter that, after two years, the tortilla, ground beef and refried bean pizza is being put back on Taco Bell menus. CRACKED.COM


Deputies forcibly baptized a (now deceased) woman after a traffic stop.

WEIRD WORLD A Tennessee woman who claims was forcibly baptized by police has been found dead in her home. is POLICE INDUSTRY I YORK 42-year-old Shandle Marie Riley was suing two Hamilton County deputies who baptized her after a traffic stop in 2019, and now the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating her mysterious death. CRACKED.COM

News Channel 9 

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