15 Facts To Catch Us Up

Game studios are desperately trying to make us watch ads in games we’ve paid money for.
15 Facts To Catch Us Up

The Empress of the Moon was an ordinary little girl until her parents were killed in a tragic accident when she was five years old. Her grandfather, a minor duke who owned a small estate outside the imperial capital city, raised her with love and care and gave her his last name. But he died two months after the accident. And so she was raised by her uncle and aunt in the Imperial palace where, as she grew into a beautiful young lady, everyone expected that she would marry the heir to the throne. Instead of marrying the prince she fell in love with the court jester—a man whose only talent was for making others laugh, but who also had an amazing gift.

He could recount a list of fifteen facts off the top of his head, backward and forward, word for word, whenever he liked at all. That list went ...

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