The Time Nicolas Cage Crashed A Nicolas Cage Film Festival

And read Poe to the audience, for some reason.
The Time Nicolas Cage Crashed A Nicolas Cage Film Festival

We asked readers if their favorite actor is Nicolas Cage, and if not, why not. The most elaborate answer came from Bruce H., whose favorite actor is Cage, and he even named his own son Nicolas after the man. Bruce owns 95 different Nicolas Cage movies, enough to cover his entire floor with the many DVD cases. 

Bruce also hosted his own private 24-hour Nic Cage film festival, featuring 12 different movies played. We'd tell you all to tune in and watch him post live updates, but he scheduled this for last weekend, so you're all out of luck.

Next to that, any other Cage festival we mention will sound unimpressive. Still, we want to tell you about "Caged," the festival that Alamo Drafthouse in Austin hosted annually for four years starting in 2014. The deal was, they'd show five Nic Cage films each year back-to-back, and you wouldn't know which they'd be in advance—you'd just show up and take what you got.

The festival always had a standing invitation for Cage himself to come by, but few attendees seriously ever expected him to honor it. Then in 2017, with no prior warning to the audience, he showed up in person. He walked on stage right as they were singing "Happy Birthday" to the absent Cage over a cake (it wasn't actually his birthday). 

He answered questions from the audience, presided over a wedding proposal, and then, for reasons that were unclear to anyone present, performed a live reading of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart."

The really surprising part, however, was that Cage didn't just usher in the event and then take off. He sat with the audience and watched all five of the movies screened that day. Those were Bangkok Dangerous, Joe, Bringing Out the Dead, Army of One, and Lord of War—this year, Cage made the selections himself. You might think the rich and famous actor would have better things to do than spend 10-plus hours straight watching his own movies, but what can we say. Nic Cage is a bit of a Nicolas Cage fan. 

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