Playstation And Microsoft Try To Make In-Game Ads The New Norm

Playstation And Microsoft Try To Make In-Game Ads The New Norm

Yesterday, the world of the Xbox suffered a major earthquake caused by the departure of Chris Novak, the man who had been behind the creation of the Xbox Achievements as well as the Game Pass. His departure might not have had anything to do with Microsoft's new push for in-game ads, but the timing makes it look like he was holding the threads that kept the entire gaming world from falling apart, as even Sony has just now admitted that they also intend to make in-game ads a thing. 

MGS Peace Walker's Dorito's product placement


We get that they don't care for immersion, but at least make the Doritos bag a little smaller for the sake of realism.

And the news is even worse than it seems. Microsoft doesn't merely want to implement ads in video games, the company is actively investing in technology that'll facilitate the implementation of “better ads” on video games. This means that they want a way to easily update their games to display what's hot at any given moment. While we can hardly wait to see what kind of beautiful dick-related art we'll get to witness when this inevitably gets hacked, we have a hard time believing gamers will benefit from this in any other way.

Battlefield 2124 oldie ads


We'd much rather have outdated ads than ones that refresh automatically because the old ones at least gave us something to laugh at (No, we don't mean Will Smith. Please stop.)

Sony has just announced that they also plan to implement ads in games, which means that they may very well not even be thinking about including ads right now, but they're using Microsoft's cue to justify any greedy indulgences that might come in the future. To put the nastiness at play into perspective, even EA, the company with the longest history of dumb business practices, has said that they refuse to implement this type of ad in FIFA, a game about soccer – the kind of game that would actually become more realistic if it were to feature serious ads. 

FIFA's dumb PS4 ads


Example of dumb business practice #56: advertising the console people have already bought and are playing the game on.
Example of dumb business practice #57: advertising the PS4 to Xbox users.

Top Image: Square Enix

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