Tell Us Now: 13 Of Our Favorite Nicolas Cage Roles

When did the A-list celeb bring his A-game?
Tell Us Now: 13 Of Our Favorite Nicolas Cage Roles

Nicolas Kim Coppola, better known as Nic Cage, is a strange character and a household name. We all know him, and he is notorious for being in some (okay, maybe, a lot of) truly awful movies. But he didn’t become famous for his bad movie choices.  For those of us who have affection for him, we all have one signature Nic Cage performance that stands out in our minds.

So we asked Cracked readers on Facebook, “What’s your favorite Nicolas Cage role and why?” The ones we didn’t see anyone say? Ghost Rider, Grand Isle, 211, Arsenal, The Wicker Man, or Left Behind. Those were left out for good reasons. Movies we were surprised to see left out include Kick-Ass, Peggy Sue Got Married, and Into the Spider-Verse. But hey, we asked you, so I’m sure you had your reasons for excluding those. The results were varied, but the top 13 were fairly consistent. Do you agree with the results?

Willy's Wonderland

... TELL US NOW. WILLY'S WONDERLAND Christopher E. raves about Nic Cage as the Janitor, saying Think generic Five Nights at Freddy rip-off, except Cage plays a character that is best described as 'Jason Vorhees, if he was a good guy.' Never says a word, violently beats the villains to death and dismembers them, and he is just LOVING playing that character. It shouldn't work, but it does. CRACKED.COM

Vampire's Kiss

... TELL US NOW. VAMPIRE'S KISS Joe T. says, Cage should have earned an Oscar for eating a live cockroach on cue. And Chekhov В. loves Nic Cage in the role, as the movie is ultimately about loneliness and a man's plunge into despair to the point of insanity. CRACKED.COM

Valley Girl

... TELL US NOW. VALLEY GIRL Ginger В. says this is Nic Cage's best role, citing, Cool, romantic, kind of goofy, punches out the boyfriend, snags his girl and the limo. CRACKED.COM

National Treasure

... TELL US NOW. NATIONAL TREASURE Colleen D.'s favorite Nicolas Cage role is as Benjmain Gates mainly because I feel like only someone as bats#!t as Cage could pull off an obsessive conspiracy theorist who happens to be right. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. MOONSTRUCK Danya Е. tells us, 'Snap out of it!' I loved Nicolas Cage in Moonstruck. First time I saw him in a movie. The whole movie is just awesome. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. MANDY 44 Warren G. raves, It doesn't hold back, and only gets crazier from there. Nicolas Cage lighting a cigarette from a burning demon head? Yes PLEASE. CRACKED.COM

Lord of the War

... TELL US NOW. LORD OF WAR Brian G. says, His commentary, the supporting cast (but I prefer it my way), the cinematography, and the Biting Sarcasm! Nic Cage as an international arms dealer? F**king hell yes, please!!! CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. FACE/OFF Roger В. says, Не played two distinctly different roles and went hogwild with Castor Troy...but then very subtle with Sean Archer. Crazy storyline with amazing action by the master John Woo. Made me a Nicolas Cage fan. CRACKED.COM

Bringing Out the Dead

... TELL US NOW. BRINGING OUT THE DEAD Matt S. shares, Cage's performance is so full of pain, exhaustion, desperation, and most of all, humanity, mostly through facial expression alone. I consider it his finest work as an actor. CRACKED.COM

Con Air

... TELL US NOW. CON AIR Lisa M. tells us, I even named my kid Cameron after that movie. It's funny and thrilling and just a good time. CRACKED.COM

Raising Arizona

... TELL US NOW. RAISING ARIZONA 5 Aaron W. raves about Nic Cage's performance, saying, Не has incredible range from lazy calm to cold fury to concerned partner to wild criminal energy all while rocking the best static hair and Hawaiian shirt combo. Nearly every line of his dialogue is quotable. CRACKED.COM


... TELL US NOW. ADAPTATION POBCAT M-ALL STORY Jay F. loved Nic Cage as twin brothers in Adaptation... one annoying and over confident, the other socially awkward and anxious. CRACKED.COM

Gone in 60 Seconds

... TELL US NOW. GONE IN 60 SECONDS 3BYO14L Sean M. reluctantly admits this is their favorite Nic Cage performance, saying, Not proud of it, but I will absolutely watch the rest of it every time I come across it on TV. CRACKED.COM


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