15 Now-You-Know Facts For The Memory Banks

Ronald McDonald is a landlord.
15 Now-You-Know Facts For The Memory Banks

The sun beat down on my back and I could hear birds calling. They were far away though, probably hiding behind a wall somewhere, or perhaps just looking for food. The air was still warm even after the night before, and it smelled like rain coming.

I walked through the streets with a heavy pack on my shoulders and my mother's hand in mine, both of us looking for a relic of our old life. It could be under any of this garbage or inside an old cardboard box that somebody took shelter in, or maybe it would be in an empty building that had been destroyed by the bombs.

"There!" I shouted. I sprinted toward it – yes, that was definitely the little purple box my mom gave me as a gift years ago. I fished it out of the pile of trash it lay in, and opened it with trembling fingers ... but it turned out that somebody had emptied it and left a piece of paper with fifteen facts inside, which went:

Certain mammals have an immunity to snake venom.

Hedgehogs have a natural immunity to snake venom. GRACKED COM Other mammals with immunities are mongooses, honey badgers, and pigs. Some populations of California ground squirrels are at least partially immune to rattlesnake venom as adults.


A member of Blink-82 quit to study aliens.

Tom Delonge quit Blink-182 because he wanted to research the existence of aliens. CRACKED.COM Не co-founded To the Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences, a company dedicated to UFO research, and has become one of the most prominent UFO researchers in the country.


The biggest seller for Volkswagen are sausages.

Volkswagen is a sausage maker that occasionally sells cars. CRACKED.COM Volkswagen sells sausages and ketchup. It is also their best selling product, selling millions more than their cars.


A hot dog cart in Central Park is bonkers pricey.

It can cost $289,500 a year just for the right to operate a single hot dog cart in Central Park. CCTS DOG DO CHICKEN GYRD HOT PRE TZEL CRACKED.COM RETT There are only 3,100 hot dog licenses in NYC. Some people have reportedly been on the waiting list for a permit for 20 years.

NY Times

Cate Blanchett won an Oscar for portraying another Oscar winner.

There was only one instance of an actor receiving an Oscar for their portrayal of another Oscar-winner. CON CRACKED.COM Cate Blanchett's Academy Award for playing Katherine Hepburn in The Aviator made her the only actor to win an Oscar for portraying another Oscar-winning actor.


Unused airline tickets cost the DOD $100 million.

The Defense Department wasted $100 million in unused airline tickets. VII Time OLU 11:05am DELTA 2106 D01 11:15am On Time Boarding DELTA 4547 B12 1:30pm On Time DELTA 780 СОЗ 11:05am Boarding DELTA 4649 E83 3:00pm On Time CRACKED.COM 4146 683 2.00pm On Time The tickets were not used over a 6-year period and the DOD failed to seek refunds, even though the tickets were reimbursable. It's completely reasonable we don't have Universal Healthcare.

ABC News 

One of the largest militaries in the ‘80s belonged to a soda manufacturer.

Pepsi was the 6th largest military in the world In 1989. pepsi. pepsi. - CRACKED.COM The Soviet Union traded with Pepsi Company 17 submarines, a cruiser, a frigate, and a destroyer for Pepsi to be sold in the Soviet Union.

Atlas Obscura

Michael took 90 seconds to take in the scenery during his Half Time performance.

Michael Jackson took a minute and a half to stand motionless during his Super Bowl performance. CRACKED.COM Super Bowl performers have a strict 12-minute time limit, but after exploding onto the stage, Jackson stood still, staring at the world for 90 seconds.

USA Today

“Airplane” directly parodied one movie from the ‘50s.

Airplane is more than just a general satire of disaster movies. HYDRASSEN CONTROL FR NO SINTER mit CRACKED.COM Comedy film Airplane! is a direct parody of the 1957 movie Zero Hour! Many scenes, situations, lines of dialogue, as well as the entire storyline, are redone almost verbatim.


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