15 Facts About Nicolas Cage Movies

15 Facts About Nicolas Cage Movies

In the seminal hit Community, Abed Nadir is warned to not watch too many Nicolas Cage movies in a row. The mind cannot handle that much unfiltered Cage. Perhaps, then, you might want to space out the following Cage facts over several days, or even weeks, instead of facing them all at once. 

Here are a few movies of his. He has made over 60 films in all. These are but a scant few, and even these may be too much for you. If you're willing to brave them all, be warned: We will also be rating the Cage films from one to four bees, with one bee being a terrible movie you should watch instantly, four bees being a great movie you should watch instantly, and other ratings made up whenever needed (and it’s needed quite often). If this is too much, just go see his new movie, everyone likes it, the Mandalorian is in it, it’s great.

Peggy Sye Got Married

Nicolas cage Movies Peggy sue Got Married Rating: 3 bee-stung Pokeys Cage based his voice on Pokey from The Gumby Show in this 30 Going on 13 dramedy directed by the better known Coppola. CRACKED.COM

Source: Yahoo

Gone in 60 Seconds

Nicolas cage Movies Gone in 60 seconds Rating: Half bee-filled car This film kickstarted Cage's obsession with stunt driving - a pursuit he continues in his off-hours. Не even forced the directors to let him do (most of) his stunts in this film. CRACKED.COM

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