15 Scenes That Were Thankfully Cut From Movies

15 Scenes That Were Thankfully Cut From Movies

“Let’s play a game” *Jigsaw voice*. We will give you 15 facts about Deleted Scenes. We will give you the choices here. You will decide what deleted scene is from what film, or else you will not inherit one million dollars. Note: winning does not mean you will inherit one million dollars, just that the option is available to you. For SEO reasons, the answers will be included in the images (but upside down). And for extra obfuscation, we're turning the titled around twice. (Also, no peeking at the pictures! Or, you know, reading the names in the descriptions. That's cheating – you're supposed to play fair by, um, just guessing what the riddle is in the first place. Yeah, this game is Elden Ring-hard).

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain (one million dollars, maybe, someday, somehow).

You can post your answers in the comments below but absolutely no one but God will read them, and for all that’s worth, you might as well save yourself the bandwidth. *

*Jigsaw voice off*

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