15 Little Known Facts That Are Real Head Turners

Did Lady Diana know what was going to happen to her?
15 Little Known Facts That Are Real Head Turners

"Oh boy," the angel said. "He's coming down."

A figure plummeted from above toward. It landed heavily on the cobblestones and lay there twitching and gasping for breath as its skin melted.

"That was a demon," the angel said. The figure got up.

It was a dwarf, with long dark hair pulled back in a ponytail that swung around as he struggled to stand. His hands and feet were burned away from the bottom of his big toes. He wore tattered robes like a medieval monk. "What did you do?" the angel asked him.

"I killed an archdevil!" the dwarf said. "I am not sorry for what I have done."

"Why ... why did you kill him?" The angel stammered, overcome with shock. "Why?" The dwarf sneered. "So he doesn't reveal the fifteen facts that are the key to the universe. You know which ones; you are privy to the secret yourself. You know – they go ... "

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