All The Times The 'Metal Gear Solid' Series Predicted The Future

The 'Metal Gear Solid' series has foretold more relevant events than even 'The Simpsons.'
All The Times The 'Metal Gear Solid' Series Predicted The Future

The Internet shares the common belief that sci-fi classic The Simpsons has already predicted everything that will ever happen, but then how come it never mentioned Metal Gear Solid, the video game series that actually did predict everything? People know Hideo Kojima, the man behind every single game in the MGS series (except for the best one), as either a genius or a madman, but perhaps they should know him as both. Though most of his stories always veer into complete nonsense, it's undeniable that he has brought about some really interesting societal commentary, as well as some horrifyingly accurate predictions of the future

It all started quietly back in the ‘80s when in the original Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (not to be mistaken with Metal Gear Solid 2) Kojima predicted that algae-based fuel would become a thing. Full clarification: It didn’t become a thing to the point that we can go steal it right now as a way to avoid today's gas prices, but it's a thing used in small circles, like, say, the evil renegade bad guys who want to take over the world.

MG2's big bad robot (metal gear)


Or maybe it only works on these things.

Metal Gear Solid 2 is somehow the dumbest as well as the smartest game ever made because even though it features people possessed by evil arms, it also predicted drone warfare, eco chambers as well as the use of fake news to control the population. We only learned about the meaning of post-truth when we were already living in a post-truth world, but MGS warned us all about it even before the 9/11 attacks.

Incidentally, Metal Gear Solid 2, a game that came out in 2001, also featured a catastrophe taking place in New York City, but the developers also predicted possible backlash so they managed to cut that scene from the game before release. Below is the only picture we have of the cut-cutscene.

Cut image from MGS showing Arsenal Gear crashing into NYC


Bonus to Kojima for teaching us that genes cannot carry memories,

thus warning everyone that the main plot of Assassin's Creed would turn out to be stupid 5 years in advance. 

After that we got Metal Gear Solid 3, which didn't predict anything, but only because it's a prequel that takes place in the '60s. Give it a break.

Then came Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a cocaine-fuelled spinoff predicted that a rich populist buffoon with a terrible taste in ties would run for office while spouting inanities like “Make America Great Again”.

To cap it all off, Konami fired Kojima, presumably for predicting too hard. Naturally, chances are he aware that it would happen so he quickly created another company and made Metal Gear Stranding Death Stranding, a game that came out before the pandemic hit but managed to accurately depict a world hit by a huge catastrophe that forced everyone into self-isolation. Death Stranding also featured a dying president of the United States whose shadow looks one hell of a lot l like another US president.

President with Trump's shadow

Kojima Productions

Let's wait for updates on this one, shall we?

At his best, Kojima is a true genius. At his worst, he's a broken clock – one that's correct like 5 times a day.

Top Image: Konami


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