14 Behind-the-Scenes Images from Your Favorite Disney Films

14 Behind-the-Scenes Images from Your Favorite Disney Films

Disney produced every child's dreams (unless they're queer, in which case they'll sponsor a bill to make their existence anathema at any school). But aside from the queer kids! And also the black kids. Or the Jewish kids.

Disney has produced a very small selection of children's dreams -- and to achieve this miracle, the behind-the-scenes working of the production is often incredibly weird, wild, or just super surprising. Some of the stuff on this list seems less like a necessity and more like the animators getting just incredibly bored and having fun, which, hey, if you're working for Disney, you gotta get your fun in somewhere. And these odd behind-the-scenes facts show that they were working for the mouse, and having a weird, weird time going about doing it. We're not talking about how everyone at Pixar has to wear a bow tie, ride a Segway, and listen to Reel Big Fish while making their films, we're talking about, well... stuff like this.

The XXX Chronicles

Disney behind the scenes Disney animators create Disney smut, apparently. While never confirmed, animators have long been rumored to have made XXX Disney films. (And some Disney atists have just done a ton of pin- ups. Just ask Lilo & Stitch creator Chris Sanders.) CRACKED.COM

Source: Cheezburger

Pinocchio's clocks

Disney behind the scenes Pinocchio They made real, working clocks. It was to prove to Walt Disney the beautiful, animated ones made logical sense. CRACKED.COM

Source: Bustle

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