15 Interesting Facts To Read Instead Of Doing Work

Come procrastinate with us.
15 Interesting Facts To Read Instead Of Doing Work

We’re glad you’re here. Obviously, this isn’t the thing you should be doing, but you chose to get in here anyway and learn a few things you probably didn’t already know. Maybe it’s to take a break from mindless spreadsheet plotting, maybe you hit writer’s block after entering your name and deciding what size font to write your Russian Literature 101 essay in, or you are taking a break and sitting in a bathroom stall at work just so you don’t have to smell your coworker microwave her catfish po boy. Whatever the reason, we appreciate it.

We’ve curated a small selection of facts just for you. This list is long enough to satisfy your craving, but short enough to not overstuff. We hope you enjoy it enough to come back for seconds. How about we get to those knowledge-nuggets before your mandatory 12 minute break ends and you have to shove your phone back into your break room locker?

Lefties are more rare and more creative.

Left-handed people make up about 11% of the population. CRACKED.COM Left-handed people are generally more creative, imaginative, and intuitive. They also tend to score better in both rhythm and visualization tests.

Source: BBC

The holes in crackers are there for a reason.

Without the holes, crackers would not bake properly. GRAGKED.COM The holes, known as docking holes, are purposefully put in the crackers by a machine called a Docker. The holes allow for air to escape from the cracker so that it can bake properly and evenly.

Source: Distractify 

The Browns have never played a Super Bowl.

The Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team to never host or play in a Super Bowl. CRACKED.COM PUE! AND The Browns won multiple football championships before the Super Bowl era, but since then they have not come close to the Super Bowl.

Source: Distractify 

The US Navy uses trained dolphins.

A U.S. Navy base off Seattle is partially protected by trained dolphins. CRACKED.COM Trained by the U.S. Navy, these dolphins use their sonar to detect potential invaders, and the devices attached to them allow the Navy to basically see what the dolphins themselves see.

Source: The Guardian

Twig and spit soup goes for big bucks in China.

A soup made from bird nests is a delicacy in China. CRACKED.COM Bird's Nest Soup is made from the nest of twigs and saliva made by the Swiftle. These nests can cost anywhere between $2,500 and $10,000 per kilogram, and the soup costs an average of $100.

Source: The Daily Meal 

“Yahoo” is more than just a jovial exclamation.

Yahoo is an acronym for Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle. YAHOO! CRACKED.COM 'Hierarchical' in the title refers to how Yahoo's database consists of categories with subcategories, and 'oracle' was in reference to how searchers would search for truth and wisdom on the database.

Source: Britannica

Avocados don’t ripen until they are plucked from the tree.

Avocados never ripen when on their trees. CRACKED.COM This makes avocado trees the perfect spot for farmers to store their avocado harvests, simply picking them right before selling them.

Source: Garden Betty

Connery and Ford were only 12 years apart when they played father and son.

Despite playing his dad, Sean Connery was only 12 years older than Harrison Ford. CRACKED.COM Thanks to excellent makeup and wardrobe, the barely-over-a-decade age gap isn't made obvious.

Source: Insider 

McDonald’s tried to get kids to eat healthier with the nastiest menu item.

McDonald's once made bubblegum-flavored broccoli. McDonald's RESTAURANT LOVIN IS GREATER THAN WATIN McDonald's CRACKED COM The kid-friendly, gum inspired veggies were crafted to get kids to eat healthier. The McDonald's CEO said kids were confused by the taste.

Source: Business Insider

Dolly Parton has provided 100 million books to children.

Dolly Parton has donated over 100 million books to children. CRACKED.COM Parton founded the Imagination Library a quarter century ago in order to give poorer kids access to free books.

Source: NPR 

Dali drew on checks so that they were worth more uncashed.

Salvador Dali avoided paying restaurant tabs by drawing on the back of checks. CRACKED.COM These drawings made the checks too valuable to actually cash, and many of the restaurants sold the drawings for much more than Dali actually owed them.

Source: Sothebys 

The first Gmail was for Garfield fans.

G-Mail was the name of a free email service offered by Garfield's website. CRACKED.COM Literally Garfield Mail, the email service let Monday-haters create their own vanity emails, way before Google had theirs.

Source: Gizmodo 

Bond had his front teeth knocked out.

Daniel Craig lost his two front teeth while filming Casino Royale. CRACKED.COM While filming a fight scene in Prague, an actor accidentally punched Craig harder than expected, and his teeth were instantly knocked out.

Source: Esquire 


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