15 Facts From Movies and TV Shows to Fill Our Noggins

15 Facts From Movies and TV Shows to Fill Our Noggins

“It's not what you know, it's who you know.” -Everybody you ever met.

We politely disagree. Here at Cracked, we traffic in what we know, and we’re sure don’t count on we know, because frankly, we don't leave the house often enough to meet anyone. But we do have hours and hours to bone up and research sweet facts for you so you can level up with us. Sure, we're tired at the end of the day, but it's a good kind of tired.

So, yeah, here were are: another day, another list of movie and TV facts to keep you entertained in an increasingly bleak world. Today’s theme is probably easy to guess, but don’t let that keep you from learning more trivia to keep you sounding like the smartest person at the world’s worst parties and/or Trivial Pursuit conferences. But if you’re going to a Trivial Pursuit conference please let us know: we need to get out more.

Stranger Things is ending with Season Five in 202?

Stranger Things is ending with Season Five. Fingers crossed we're not in another Cold War with Russia by then.

Source: Collider

Rambo's original ending was radically changed

Rambo was going to die. First Blood suddenly becomes a much worse title.

Source: SlashFilm

Chernobyl was created by Scary Movie writer Craig Mazin

Chernobyl is connected to Scary Movie. Craig Mazin, author of Scary Movie 3, Scary Movie 4, and Superhero Movie, created Chernobyl.

Source: IMDb

Stranger Things' DND campaign is fictional no more

Fiction to toy to fiction. The Dungeons & Dragons campaign from the first episode of Stranger Things is now less fictional, as Wizards of the Coast has published their own Stranger Things mini-pack. CRACKED.COM

Source: Dungeons & Dragons

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