The 20 Strangest Things From The 'Stranger Things' Show Bible

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The 20 Strangest Things From The 'Stranger Things' Show Bible
Stranger Things has stayed remarkably true to the pitch doc (or "show bible") the Duffer brothers used to pitch the idea. It was always going to be a star studded homage to the '80s, but a few of the details have changed along the way. Take Hopper: instead of David Harbour's gruff, small town drunk, we almost had Sam Rockwell living in a shanty down by the sea.

Okay, maybe a lot has changed. See for yourself!
It took place on Long Island, not B Indiana. Montauk Ultimately, they felt they could get away with more sci-fi shenanignas in a fictional town.
Hawkins National Laboratory is based on Camp Hero. Camp Hero HNL It was a mysterious WWII defense base, disguised as a fishing village. CRACKED.COM
The story is rooted in an actual conspiracy theory: VIGILANCE. i STt D3RD AADAR SOUADRON THE MONTAUK PROJECT CONSPIRACY In 1942, as World War IL rag
The final title and logo are a cross between two Stephen King novels: STEPHEN KING STEPHEN FIRE- KING STAKIER A Novel bytheAuthorof THEDEADZONE NeEDFU
They saw Hopper being played by Ewan MCGregor. CRACKED.COM
...OR Sam Rockwell.
They saw Joyce being played by Naomi Watts...
...Or Marisa Tomei.
They were leaning heavily on nostalgia from the start. ATRCENONTIC Since Montauk is set in the fall of 1980, the show will feature many period details
The horror is rooted in reality. HORROR The horror in Montauk is supernatural - - buT rooted in science. Dark matter, black holes, worm holes, alterna
Mike used to have a birthmark, and definitely never smooched. FIRST AID GAUZE PADS MIKE WHEELER is twelve. He is cute kid, but a birthmark on his left
Will is bullied for his 'sexual identity issues. WILL BYERS, twelve, is a sweet, sensitive kid with sexual identity issues. He only recently came to
Dustin is the alpha nerd. DUSTIN HENDERSON, twelve, is the King Geek. He is overweight and wears oversized glasses. His supportive parents are nerds
Eleven E.T. THE OUTSIDER ELEVEN was orphan with telekinesis. Her preternatural abilities have been linked an to genetic mutations caused by her mother
The 20 Strangest Things From The 'Stranger Things' Show Bible
Hopper was a drug-addicted beach bum. JIM HOP HOPPER, early 40s, is the Chief of the Montauk police. He grew up in Montauk but moved to the city imm
Joyce sounded like she was on Mob Wives. I R JOYCE BYERS, early 40s, is the single mother ofWill and Jonathan. She struggles to raise them while holdi
Mr. Clarke was the Indiana Jones of Hawkins Middle School. MR. CLARKE, 35, is the rock star of the local middle school. Charismatic, charming, handsom
There's a lost character: TERRY IVES, 40, mentioned only passingly in the pilot, will play an important role in episodes to come. An -social hermit an


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