This 'Stranger Things' Easter Egg is Hurting Our Brains

For those craving more '80s nostalgia that only Stranger Things (and not, say, something from the actual '80s) can provide, there's now a companion book to the hit Netflix series. Not surprisingly, the book is made to look like a tattered Stephen King hardcover, and was presumably painstakingly aged in a cigarette-smoke-filled restaurant with A-ha cassettes playing on repeat.

This 'Stranger Things' Easter Egg is Hurting Our BrainsDel Rey

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The book contains a good deal of supplemental material for the show, including a map of Hawkins and a Morse code guide like the one Eleven uses. While that might seem extraneous, it's actually the key to unlocking a bunch of secret messages hidden throughout the book, and possibly even the events of the third season. Scattered in the text are lines of Morse code which at first glance seem purely decorative, but translate into actual (confusing) sentences.

This 'Stranger Things' Easter Egg is Hurting Our BrainsDel Rey

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The first line reads: "The silver cat feeds" -- possibly a future episode title, or a hint that Garfield's nemesis Nermal will battle a Demogorgon in Season 3. But in the smoke-filled parlor that is Reddit, internet sleuths have assembled the passages, discovering that they seem to form a riddle:

the week is long

the silver cat feeds

when blue and yellow meet

in the west

a trip to china sounds nice

if you tread lightly

What does it all mean? Is Barb alive and hiding out in Beijing? Who the hell knows. One Redditor pointed out that the phrase "when blue and yellow meet" could reference this garish '80s clock seen in the Season 3 promo:

This 'Stranger Things' Easter Egg is Hurting Our BrainsNetflix

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Which could indicate that a specific time when the two hands overlap will be of significant importance. Or hell, maybe it's all just an elaborate anagram that tells us when the next season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt will be released.

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