15 Ways Our Movie And TV Favs Celebrated St. Patrick's Day

Movies and TV love this bacchanal of green, booze, and shamrocks.
15 Ways Our Movie And TV Favs Celebrated St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is a horrible bacchanal of the most mystifying accents, the color green in all its shades, and more alcohol than anyone can reasonably stand because suddenly everyone in the United States has an ancestor from Ireland. It’s one of the more popular holidays around, and while there’s a large reason for why everything goes down the way it does, if you’re an American, you mostly remember it for the scent of vomit or McDonald’s Shamrock Shakes. But there’s so much more. Not that most of your favorite television shows will cover that, but that’s all right. The reason for the season matters less than the season in the person? Is that a saying? Well, it is now! 

Here’s how some of your favorite shows and characters have celebrated the most wonderful time of the year. (PS - Count the leprechauns, if it ends on even, you’re in love!)

One of the best episodes of the Simpsons begins on St. Patrick’s Day

st. Paddy's Day in fiction The simpsons TO alcohol! The cause of, and solution to, all of life's problems! Homer VS the 18th Amendment is considered one of the best Simpsons episodes of all time - beginning with everyone getting so drunk prohibition goes into effect, with Homer staging a revolt undercover as the Beer Baron using bathtub liquor. CRACKED.COM

Source: Vents Magazine

The Office uses Saint Patrick’s Day as another loss for the Office squad

st. Paddy's Day in fiction The office A Dunder Mifflin st. Paddy's Day. The whole office stay late at work for St. Patrick's Day as Erin and Andy have their first date. Not as St. Patricky as others, but probably about as much as a lot of your St Patrick's Days are.

Source: IMDb

The Fugitive is set on Saint Patrick’s Day

st. Paddy's Day in fiction The Fugitive The Die Hard of st. Patrick's Day movies. This film is set on Saint Patrick's Day, with fugitive Richard Kimble escaping into a St. Paddy's Parade at one point. Why is it set then? Is it just because the parade idea was cool? Who cares? CRACKED.COM

Source: CrimeReads

The parade and drunk exes are featured in this 30 Rock St. Paddy Day’s Episode

st. Paddy's Day in fiction G 30 ROCK A parade of exes. One of the more St. Patrick's Day-focused episodes, this story revolves around Liz's asshole ех, the drunk Dennis, and Tracy and Jenna fighting over top billing in the St. Patrick's Day Parade, like the world's darkest inversion of A Miracle on 34th Street. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Flight of the Doves is just A Series of Unfortunate Events, but Irish

st. Paddy's Day in fiction Flight of the Doves An Irish series of Unfortunate Events. A feel-good film about how if you change someone from Irish to vaguely Rhode Islandish, you can turn a forgotten 1967 movie into a Netflix franchise starring Neil Patrick Harris. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

All in the Family series finale is a St. Paddy’s Day episode

st. Paddy's Day in fiction All in the Family The series finale is a st. Paddy's Day episode. This episode revolves around a big party that Edith is trying to help Archie with, and ends with a confirmation of Archie and Edith having a loving relationship, before the show was rebooted as Archie Bunker's Place. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Cheers has the better third installment in an 80s Wars trilogy

st. Paddy's Day in fiction cheers what says st. Paddy's Day better than a bar? Leprechauns! But there's none around - it's a bar war that drives the plot of this Cheers episode - Bar Wars III. The best Wars trilogy of the eighties, because it's the one without Ewoks. CRACKED.COM

Source: IMDb

Charmed witches help leprechauns from, let’s say, demons

st. Paddy's Day in fiction charmed Luckless leprechauns. Because nothing says Irish like leprechauns (other than your most traumatic cultural memories being made into a drink), Charmed features leprechauns that the Charmed Three have to help out.

Source: IMDb

Between the Canals is a slacker-esque crime story taking place on Saint Patty’s Day

st. Paddy's Day in fiction Between the canals slacker criminals on st. Patrick's Day. Between the Canals follows three criminals wandering around Dublin on one quiet St. Paddy's Day. Better for when you're winding down than building up to the day. CRACKED.COM

Source: The Irish Times

Boondock Saints has the best spirit

st. Paddy's Day in fiction The Boondock saints It's st. Paddy's Day, everyone's Irish tonight! That is how the Boondock Saints greet even their enemies. And isn't that supposed to be what St. Paddy's Day is all about? No? OK, so what is it about then? (Buncha snakes then, right? Wild.) CRACKED.COM

Source: Quotes.net

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