45 Ways Advertising Is Absolutely Rotting Our Brains

Why does this stuff always still seem to work on us?
45 Ways Advertising Is Absolutely Rotting Our Brains

Advertisers are always pulling tricks on our brains to get us to pay attention to them — and the worst part is, it generally works. Ads are melting our brains in all sorts of devious ways. Somehow we’ve been tricked into believing we need to get soap all up inside our most precious crevices. We’ve been told countless times that the best way to care for our hair and skin is to repeatedly strip it of its horrid natural oils. We’ve even been convinced that slurping down cow juice is somehow necessary to the upkeep of our internal organs. 

Not to mention, the lying earworms and other trickery we’re constantly subjected to. We’re talking targeted ads for products we’ve already bought, burgers so big, they’re guaranteed to smear barbecue sauce all over your face, and statistics that tell us astoundingly little about the product. We’re looking at you, panel of 10 dentists who can never quite agree unanimously on the best brand of toothpaste. 

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