17 Biblical Things (That Are Nowhere In The Bible)

Learn what the devil the Bible actually says about, say, the devil.
17 Biblical Things (That Are Nowhere In The Bible)

There are a lot of things that people believe to be true about the Bible that is actually not backed up by the text. For example, many people believe that the Bible is an incredibly long book when in reality, it is only about 800 pages. People also believe that the Bible was written by a single author when in fact, it was written by multiple authors over the course of centuries. And perhaps most importantly, people tend to think of the Bible as a work of fiction when in reality, it is a collection of historical documents. While it is certainly possible that some of these beliefs are based on actual passages from the Bible, it is more likely that they are simply based on cultural assumptions. In any case, it is important to remember that the Bible is not a work of fiction; it is a historical document that should be interpreted in its proper context.

The Bible is, by far, the best-selling book of all time — but not the most read, if we go by what people know about it. Just like William Shakespeare’s plays, everyone talks about it, but most people’s knowledge comes from what others say (also, movies). It’s not surprising that a lot of that is wrong. Let’s just set the record straight about a few things.


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