13 Theories About The Beginnings Of Life On Earth

Abiogenesis: The process of a living organism forming from non-living matter. Here’s how. Maybe.
13 Theories About The Beginnings Of Life On Earth

We all have theories about why people do the things they do, how the world works, about what will happen in the future. We create these theories to make sense of the complex and confusing world around us. Some theories are more outlandish than others, but at their root, they all share one common purpose: to help us understand what's happening around us.

Have you ever thought about where life on Earth came from? Scientists have theories about how it all began, and we're going to talk about them in this article. We'll also explore some of the challenges scientists face in trying to piece together the origins of life. So, if you're curious to learn more, keep reading!

For people without the deepest of faiths, the answer to the origin of life remains unknown. With estimates of 6,000 years ago to over 3 billion years ago, it all started sometime, somewhere… But how? These 13 theories about the beginnings of life will hopefully lead you down a path to an answer you’re cool with.


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