Ancient Earth

It's genuinely difficult to come to terms with, but Earth existed before we were born. Hell, Earth existed before we even evolved, like, as a species. Now, Earth was a hellish alien planet where it rained for millions of years randomly and other sci-fi nightmares prowled, so it could be argued that humans classed up the joint. If you ignore what's going to happen to this planet in like 30 years, that is. 

Don't get us wrong: Earth was full of wonders before the incorporation of Exxon-Mobil. And the ocean was and is beautiful. We frame things like Pelagornithids like “giant hell birds” because they were giant hell birds, but that doesn't mean they aren't wondrous. Some of those coolest things are the scariest. Now, take another bong rip, face your fears, and dig into the beauty of our ancient planet with us: 


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