Cracked VS: Early Career Robert Downey Jr. Vs Late Career Robert Downey Jr.

There was a time when RDJ playing Tony Stark was a huge gamble.
Cracked VS: Early Career Robert Downey Jr. Vs Late Career Robert Downey Jr.

Robert John Downey Jr. is an actor and producer from the United States. His early career was marked by critical and popular success, following a period of drug dependence and legal issues, and finally, a revival of commercialization success later in his career.

Robert Downey, Jr. has a $300 million net worth. Robert Downey, Jr. is best known for his portrayal of Iron Man throughout the Marvel movie series of the very same name. He became one of cinema's highest-paid actors as a result of his performance.

Robert Downey Jr. has already had a career that has been as tempestuous as it has long, having debuted in film at the tender age of five. After a hard spell in the 1990s and early 2000s, he was able to get back on track and onto the big screen with the support of a friend - a terrific man, a role model named Mel Gibs— um, look, it was a friend, let's leave it at that.

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CRACKED VS HOMELIFE EARLY CAREER LATE CAREER GRACKED.COM Raised in Living with his wife and kids in a Greenwich Village windmill by underground playhouse turned filmmaker father, actual house in dropped out of the Hamptons, high school in complete with a California and giant praying returned to NY to mantis lawn pursue acting sculpture
CRACKED VS ON SCREEN ROLES EARLY CAREER LATE CAREER CRACKED COM His first venture A 5 year old back to the silver Downey Jr. screen after a debuted in decade in the Marvel 1970's blockbuster Pound, one tentpole was 2020's Dolittle, of his which was... not father's films great
CRACKED VS OFF SCREEN LIFE EARLY CAREER LATE CAREER LACOUNTY CRACKED.COM Arrested for In recovery possession of for 15+ cocaine and years, with heroin in a $220 1996, starting million net a cycle of incarceration worth and rehab
CRACKED VS HIREABILITY EARLY CAREER LATE CAREER CRACKED.COM A massive risk One of to involve in Hollywood's most bankable your movie, stars, blowing coming in with the lid off huge insurance 2008 with bonds required both Iron Man to have him on and Tropic set Thunder
CRACKED VS TURNING POINT EARLY CAREER LATE CAREER CRACKED COM Mel Gibson Downey's underwrote wife Susan Downey's liability gives him an insurance, kickstarting a ultimatum to string of quit drugs for appearances in good in 2003 films like Zodiac and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang
CRACKED VS UNORTHODOX ROLES EARLY CAREER LATE CAREER OKONG ROBERT DOWNEY CRACKED.COM The founding Horribly father and face miscast on of the Marvel Saturday Cinematic Universe, the Night Live, box office lasting only dominating one season force for over a decade
CRACKED VS BRAND EARLY CAREER LATE CAREER CRACKED.COM A member of the The quick wit and endless supply of Brat Pack, quips he brought made up of to a lot of his actors in the '80s comedic that appeared in performances John Hughes made his role as films, like his Weird Science Tony Stark the template for the co-star Anthony broader MCU Michael Hall
CRACKED VS LOVE LIFE EARLY CAREER LATE CAREER CRACKED.COM Settled down Dated Sarah with Susan Levin Jessica Parker in 2003 after she for 8 years, turned him down married to several times, Deborah and had two Falconer for children, son two years with Exton and whom he had a daughter Avri son, Indio
CRACKED VS AWARDS EARLY CAREER LATE CAREER CRACKED.COM Academy Award Academy Award nomination for nomination for the titular role in Tropic Thunder, Golden Globe Chaplin in 1992, Award for Sherlock and Golden Globe and Holmes, and a Golden Raspberry Screen Actors Guild Awards for for Worst Actor his performance and Worst Screen Combo in Dolittle on Ally McBeal
CRACKED VS HOLLYWOOD PEERS EARLY CAREER LATE CAREER CRACKED COM After bouncing Fought for his between East MCU co-stars, and West coasts, using his Downey lived in position of Hollywood for power to make three years with sure they were roommate Kiefer paid what they Sutherland were worth
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