29 Overused Movie Cliches That Put Us To Sleep

29 Overused Movie Cliches That Put Us To Sleep

Let's face it, being a writer is hard. Coming up with original ideas, plot hooks and story structures is taxing, especially given the volume of content that is being released daily into the cultural ether. Even thousands of years ago we were being advised that there was nothing new under the sun.

So who can blame a writer's room for churning out the occasional cliche or trope? Well, as a matter fact, we can. We did a deep dive on nearly thirty movie cliches that simply must be retired.

For example, according to Hollywood, a scientist is a person that likes to unsafely touch dangerous and alien things with their hands. Would a real scientist ever do something like that? Unlikely. But hey, the plot has to progress somehow, who cares if it makes zero sense. 

Curious? Here are 29 overused movie cliches and tropes we're getting really tired of seeing: 

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