Have you ever wondered how the term "Easter egg" came to describe secret features in video games? Well, you can thank a disgruntled Atari employee for that. Today we'll take a look at the origin of the “Easter egg” and 29 other facts about video games we didn't know: 

John Romero posed for the cover illustration. DOCK A model was hired for reference photos, but the guy couldn't manage to look like he was fending off demons. Frustrated, Romero took his shirt off and grabbed the prop gun to show the illustrator what he wanted. Or, as Romero puts it himself, I AM THE DOOMGUY. CRACKED.COM


Neo: The World Ends With You rewards you for your clout. INSTOP Studded Tiger Cap *10,9001 #3200 V4.5001 #6.2001 *14,000 442001 47,800 Clothes are important, HE O A but that's not the only ATK 4 MAS thing that makes DEF 15 THEY PUNKS someone punk. ABILITY First Blood SOLD OUT BOLD OUT SOLD OUT Izumi Ariyoshi DI 09 CRACKED.COM This action RPG focuses on youth culture, especially surrounding Shibuya, a major commercial and financal center in Tokyo. Like in other RPGs, you can equip clothing to increase your stats, but the brand of clothing you wear in this game will

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