For us, Pokemon ranks as one of the most amazing franchises of all time. The collectible card game has spawned tons of media, shows, videogames, merch and massive interest across generations. What's maybe even more impressive are all the dang pokemon that have been thought up in the first place. It's no surprise that the franchise has a ton of fascinating facts that are a ton of fun, including interesting connections to Japanese folklore and mythology.

For example, did you know that Mawile is a Futakuchi Onna. In Japanese folklore, these are cursed women that turn into supernatural creatures with a second mouth on the back of their head, covered by hairlike tentacles. 

We love a Bidoof-- What better Pokemon to load up with HMs to get through the games' various roadblocks? We're just saying that these facts are more fun.

Want to learn about more wild facts abot the pokemon you know and love? Scroll on down!

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