They are famous for being pocket monsters that kids (and even some adults) collect. They train them to become the best they can be in order to battle it out against their friends' Pokémon. But what else is there to know about these little creatures? For starters, did you know that the name 'Pokémon' is actually a combination of two Japanese words – 'pock' meaning 'pocket', and 'mon' meaning 'monster'? Pokémon originally started out as a video game for the Nintendo Game Boy before branching out into an anime series, movies, merchandise, and much more. With over 800 different species of Pokémon now identified, there is sure to be one (or more!) that you can't help but love. So why not learn a little more about these fascinating creatures? You might just be surprised at what you find.

You may look at the simple designs of Pokémon, especially in the first generation, and come to the conclusion that the developers were just lazy. Mean, a Pokéball with eyes? Come on! However, many designs are pulled straight from Japanese mythology that is unfamiliar to western fans. Here's why a "Pokéball with eyes" is actually valid and why Lickitung is a vile creature from the depths of Hell.

LICKITUNG IS AN AKANAME CRACKEDO .COM With its acidic saliva, the akaname, or filth licker, 'tongue-massages dirty bathrooms clean, making sure to slop over every grimey corner. It's said to have been invented as a story to incentivize children to keep a tidy bathroom, assumedly because a tedious chore is nothing compared to a visit from the toilet demon.

Source: CBR

FROSLASS IS A YUKI-ONNA YOKAI CRACKED.CO As a ghost, Froslass has some dark Pokedex entries, and an even darker inspiration. The legend of the yuki-onna yokai, which Froslass comes from, tells of ghostly women who make their home on the snowy mountaintops, known for stealing children and feeding on their life-force.

Source: The Gamer

MAWILE IS A FUTAKUCHI ONNA CRACKED. CONT The Futakuchi Onna are cursed women that have turned into supernatural creatures with a second mouth on the back of their head, covered by hair-like tentacles. In folklore, this can happen when the spirit of a deceased child possesses their step-mother, who starved them in favor of their biological children, to consume the food they were denied in life.

Source: CBR

NINETAILS IS A KITSUNE CRACKED COM In Japanese folklore, kitsune are foxes with many tails, which are the source of their power. When a kitsune gets its ninth tail, its fur turns white or gold. They are also shapeshifters, being able to take the form of a human after 100 years.

Source: Gamerant

JYNX IS A YAMA-UBA GRACKED.COM Another mountain dwelling, people-eating demon, the Yama-uba are crones that live alone and try to lure hapless travelers to their cabins, where the people-eating occurs. Although Jynx doesn't look like it would be able to lure anyone anywhere, the rhythm by which it shakes its hips is stated to be so alluring that people are compelled to sashay along with it.

Source: CBR

SLOWKING IS A SAZAE-ONI CRACKEDGO COME The Sazae- or shellfish ogre, is a transitory stage of the turban snail when they reach 30 years of age, gaining the ability to shapeshift. As an alternate evolution to Slowpoke, Slowking goes through a tremendous metamorphosis, with the Shelder attached to his head unlocking his psychic potential.

Source: The Gamer

LUDICOLO IS A KAPPA 13 is 1 F CRACKEDO A semi-aquatic imp, the kappa is most known for the dish-like basin on their heads that collect water. Taking the water out of their basins results in harming and weakening the kappa. The Pokemon Ludicolo is a large, amphibious creature with a basin on its head, which it uses in-battle to fill with water during rain to restore health

Source: CBR

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