Since its launch in 1996, Pokémon has become the highest grossing IP in the world with $105 BILLION in total revenue. Not even the small team working on Pokémon in the beginning could have predicted their bug-collecting inspired game, that takes up less file space than a single digital photo, could have such an enormous impact. With how iconic and childhood defining the original Red and Blue were, it’s fun to dig into some of the smaller, nitty gritty details of their conception and creation. Tunneling into the weird reasons behind all the quirks and idiosyncrasies has been a multi decade odyssey for some people, and we wanted to bring together a short selection of the many production facts and coding oopsies (you programmers out there know the pain of a misplaced period or what happens if you miss a parenthesis) that have made the games fun, memorable, and at times, frustrating.

BEHIND-THESCENES FACTS THE FIRST POKEMON DESIGNED WAS RHYDON. GRACKED From: Although far from the game's mascot or even a particularly popular Pokemon, the powerful Ground/Rock type was the first to be created, when Pokemon were going to be visually more dinosaur-like.

Source: Gamepedia

BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS YOU COULD FIT ALL THE GAME DEVELOPERS INTO A MINIVAN. Ken Sugimori Junichi Masuda Koji Nishino art director composer planner Shigeki Morimoto Tetsuya Watanabe CRACKED.COM programmer programmer It took 6 years with a team of only 8 to bring the original game to life. By comparison, it took 100 individuals to make Let's Go: Pikachu & Eevee, an updated retelling of the first generation of games for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: Polygon

BEHIND BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS PIKACHU'S RARITY WAS DUE TO ITS DESIGNER'S FAVORITISM. #7 (ICLESTE) 5571797717- ENF27 FIFE GRACKED.COM Atsuko Nishida, Pokemon designer, revealed it was her feeling of not wanting to let other people have Pikachu that led to its random encounters in Viridian Forest to be a mere 5%.

Source: Comicbook

BEHIND-THE-SCENES FACTS PARAS' ORIGINAL NAME WAS A LOT DARKER. CRACKED.COM Paras, and its evolution Parasect, are based on insects that have been infected by a fungus called Massospora, which eventually take over their brains and motor functions. Early promotional material for the game gives Paras a name in direct response to this relationship: Parasyte.

Source: IGN

BEHIND-THE-SCENESFACTS THE DRAGON TYPE WAS SEVERELY UNDERPOWERED. CRACKED.COM Despite characters remarking on their fearsome strength, the Dragon type was only given one offensive move, Dragon Rage, which could only do a set amount of damage-a a paltry 40 HP.

Source: Bulbapedia

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