Regrets. We all have them. Whether there's one positive thing about regrets, it's that the majority of them are simple to keep with yourself if you want to by burying them beneath an endless strata of media and junk food. The problem is that strategy only works until you do something so exceptionally idiotic that catapults you into the domestic or international spotlight, in which case your misgivings are something you'd want to deal with in the end.

We're all flawed, and we've committed mistakes that we regret. Whether its professional or personal, our apologies aren't shown to the entire world on enormous screens. Regretfully, this is not the case for these actors.

Some of these celebrities have voiced regret for a few of their most well-known roles. From Carrie Fisher from Star Wars to Kate Winslet from Titanic, these stars genuinely wish they could still go back and undo everything.

Actors, like everyone else, have regrets. Yes, their apologies have netted them millions of dollars, but that’s beside the point. The following are 30 projects that performers wish had gone differently:

The execproducer on The Flash has one major regret about Season 3. Todd Helbing wishes that they'd revealed Savitar a little bit earlier, he says. CRACKED.COM


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