21 Roles Famous Actors Wish They Could Delete From History

Sometimes being a movie star downright sucks.
21 Roles Famous Actors Wish They Could Delete From History

It's hard to sympathize with actors and actresses. They have oodles of money, people ready to answer their every beck and call, and we're pretty sure they all have hover boards. Like, real hover boards, not those shitty things on two wheels.

But, you know, movie stars are just like us, and have bad days also. The only difference is our bad days are rarely filmed for public consumption, existing forever and ever until aliens nuke our planet from outer space.

For example ...

Deep Throat made Linda GRAGKEDCON Lovelace a household name, but her experience making the film horrific. her was In autobiography Ordeal she revealed
CRACKED Carrie Fisher regretted taking her most iconic role, Princess Leia. When asked whether she would have taken the role had she known the film wo
For a long time, Malcolm McDowell resented his role in A Clockwork Orange. He says he didn't get what was So good about the film and disliked how its
JIM CARREY DENOUNCED KICK ASS 2 After the Sandy Hook shootings in 2012, Carrey tweeted that he cannot in good conscience support a movie with that lev
Burt Reynolds regrets making the movie that earned him an Academy Award nomination. Reynolds hated making Boogie Nights with the then 26-year-old Paul
CHANNING TATUM HATED G.I. JOE THE RISE OF COBRA Look, I'll be honest. I f king hate that movie. I hate that movie, Tatum said in a Howard Stern inte
CRACKED.com Matthew Broderick hugely regretted being in The Stepford Wives. He says that there was nothing fun about making it, his role wasn't int
MARK WAHLBERG ISN'T A FAN OF THE HAPPENING In 2010, Wahlberg finally revealed his thoughts on The Happening. F**k it. It is what it is. **king trees,
CRAGKEDCOM Ewan McGregor wishes he'd never made the 1996 period film Emma. He regrets the fact that he only took the role for the sake of doing someth
JOSH BROLIN HATES JONAH HEX. Jonah Hex, hated it. Hated it. The experience of making it -that would have been a better movie based on what We did. As
Christopher Plummer hates his iconic role in The Sound of Music. It was So awful and sentimental and gooey.
Cher called her 2010 movie Burlesque horrible. RLESQI Terrible director! Really terrible director. And really terrible script. ! remember him saying
Playboy askedi Sting if the script for 1984's 'Dunee was any good. He just laughed. I REALLY WANTED TO WORK WITH DAVID LYNCH. I HAD GREAT DOUBTS ABOU
THE AFTERMATH OF AFTER EARTH WAS EXCRUCIATING FOR WILL SMITH. In an interview with Esquire, Smith admitted that the film was the most painful failu
Shia LaBeouf thinks Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull was a disservice to the series, and his acting contributed. I feel like I dropped the ball on
FANS AREN'T THE ONLY ONES WHO HATE BATMAN AND ROBIN. George Clooney also thinks the movie was a disaster, and he says he apologizes for it every chanc
Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot is Sylvester Stallone's most hated film. In a 2010 interview with The Sun, he said: If you ever want someone to confess to
Bob Hoskins despised Super Marlo Broso From a Q&A with The Guardian: What is the worst job you've done? Super Mario Brothers. What has been your bigge
Fantastic Four. Rise of The silver Surfer (2007) may have made us want our 90 minutes back, but for Jessica Alba, it almost made her quit acing. Alba
21 Roles Famous Actors Wish They Could Delete From History
CRACKED cO COM HALLE BERRY SHOWED UP IN PERSON TO PICK UP HER RAZZIE AWARD FOR CATWOMAN WAR Ds In her acceptance speech, she thanked her manager for r

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