Acting looks easy and fun. Aside from the insanely lucky set of circumstances it takes to get cast in a role, it looks like it's just a bunch of playing make believe and reciting words handed to you by a writer. Then you take a swim in your Scrooge McDuck pool. All in all, it seems like a pretty carefree existence.

But as it turns out, sometimes actors wind up with deep pangs of regret over a role they took -- even if it's the very role that made them famous. For example ...

THE ACTOR: Kate Winslet THE ROLE: Rose in Titanic WHY SHE Winslet says she's HATED IT: mortified by her performance in the iconic role. Especially her

THE ACTOR: Zac Efron THE ROLE: Troy in High School Musical WHY HE Efron is definitely not a HATED IT: fan. I step back and look at myself and I still

THE ACTOR: Sting THE ROLE: Feyd Rautha in Dune WHY HE He says he had doubts HATED IT: from the beginning, but thought director David Lynch could pull

THE ACTOR: Sharon Stone THE ROLE: Catherine in Basic Instinct WHY SHE She didn't consent to HATED IT: the flash scene, and says she'd been told to rem

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THE ACTOR: Carrie Fisher THE ROLE: Leia in the early Star Wars movies WHY SHE Fisher used to say she HATED IT: wouldn't have taken the role, if she'd

THE ACTOR: Shia LaBeouf THE ROLE: Mutt Williams in Indiana Jones IV WHY HE The movie was bad, yes, HATED IT: but he says his acting made it worse. I

THE ACTOR: Arnold Schwarzenegger THE ROLE: Kalidor in Red Sonja WHY HE He says the movie is so HATED IT: bad he uses it to punish his kids. They get s

THE ACTOR: Will Smith THE ROLE: Cypher Raige in After Earth WHY HE He calls it the most HATED IT: painful failure of my career, and says he stopped

THE ACTOR: Robert Pattinson THE ROLE: Edward in Twilight WHY HE Pattinson hated Edward HATED IT: from the moment he read the script, So that's how he

THE ACTOR: Miley Cyrus THE ROLE: Title role in Hannab Montana 460808 WHY SHE Cyrus says being in the HATED IT: public eye at such a young age gave her

THE ACTOR: Mark Wahlberg THE ROLE: Elliot Moore in The Happening of the Sorace an woud only have left. tically bent, his GI extent. alf ronce meaceih

THE ACTOR: Megan Fox THE ROLE: Mikaela in Transformers WHY SHE Fox hated the eye-candy HATED IT: character and despised director Michael Bay. She says

THE ACTOR: Malcolm McDowell THE ROLE: Alex in A Clockwork OrAnGE WHY HE McDowell said he didn't HATED IT: get what people liked about the film, and re

THE ACTOR: Josh Brolin THE ROLE: Title character in Jonah Hex WHY HE Brolin hated the shoot, HATED IT: and doesn't get how a movie with such an insane

THE ACTOR: Jim Carrey THE ROLE: Col. Stars and Stripes in Kick Ass 2 WHY HE After the 2012 Sandy HATED IT: Hook school shooting, Carrey denounced the

THE ACTOR: Ewan McGregor THE ROLE: Frank Churchill in Emma WHY HE McGregor took the role HATED IT: to try something different, and regrets it. He hate

THE ACTOR: Jessica Alba THE ROLE: Susan Storm in Fantastic Four WHY SHE The director  was like, 'It looks too real. It looks too

THE ACTOR: Channing Tatum THE ROLE: Duke in GI IJoe: The Rise of Cobra WHY HE Look, I'll be honest, he HATED IT: says. I f*cking hate that movie.

THE ACTOR: George Clooney THE ROLE: Batman in Batman & Robin WHY HE Clooney keeps a photo HATED IT: of himself as Batman in his office to remind himse

THE ACTOR: Christopher Plummer THE ROLE: Baron von Trapp in The Sound of Music WHY HE Plummer's most famous HATED IT: role makes him cringe. It was s

THE ACTOR: Cher THE ROLE: Tess in Burlesque WHY SHE She called the movie HATED IT: horrible, and says the director told her,  don't care about what

THE ACTOR: Alec Guinness THE ROLE: Obi-Wan in Star Wars WHY HE Sir Alec famously said HATED IT: the film led to a worldwide taste for a fantasy world

THE ACTOR: Ben Affleck THE ROLE: Title role in Daredevil WHY HE I hate Daredevil SO HATED IT: much, he says. One of the reasons he took the role of

THE ACTOR: Daniel Radcliffe THE ROLE: Harry Potter in Half-Blood Prince WHY HE He says he hates his HATED IT: performance in that one, and says watchi
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