24 Characters Actors Wish They'd Never Played

At least the money was good?
24 Characters Actors Wish They'd Never Played

Acting looks easy and fun. Aside from the insanely lucky set of circumstances it takes to get cast in a role, it looks like it's just a bunch of playing make believe and reciting words handed to you by a writer. Then you take a swim in your lavish Scrooge McDuck pool filled with glimmering coins. All in all, it seems like a pretty carefree existence.

Even so, for certain actors, there is no such thing as "lost love" just before they ultimately get to relocate on from a movie role, keeping aside how big achievement it was.

Acting appears to be simple and enjoyable. However, apart from the ridiculously lucky set of conditions required to be cast in such a role, it appears to be just a bunch of pretending and repeating words ready to hand to you from the writer. Overall, it remains a relatively carefree existence.

Megan Fox had also been dismissed from her job as Mikaela Banes in the Transformers franchise after openly calling director Michael Bay a "nightmare to work for." John Boyega also said Disney didn't know what to do about his hero, Finn, and many others managed to play by people of color in Star Wars.

But, as it did turn out, occasionally, actors have deep regrets about a role they took, even if it was the role that made them successful. As an example...

THE ACTOR: Kate Winslet THE ROLE: Rose in Titanic WHY SHE Winslet says she's HATED IT: mortified by her performance in the iconic role. Especially her
THE ACTOR: Zac Efron THE ROLE: Troy in High School Musical WHY HE Efron is definitely not a HATED IT: fan. I step back and look at myself and I still
THE ACTOR: Sting THE ROLE: Feyd Rautha in Dune WHY HE He says he had doubts HATED IT: from the beginning, but thought director David Lynch could pull
THE ACTOR: Sharon Stone THE ROLE: Catherine in Basic Instinct WHY SHE She didn't consent to HATED IT: the flash scene, and says she'd been told to rem
THE ACTOR: Carrie Fisher THE ROLE: Leia in the early Star Wars movies WHY SHE Fisher used to say she HATED IT: wouldn't have taken the role, if she'd
THE ACTOR: Shia LaBeouf THE ROLE: Mutt Williams in Indiana Jones IV WHY HE The movie was bad, yes, HATED IT: but he says his acting made it worse. I
THE ACTOR: Arnold Schwarzenegger THE ROLE: Kalidor in Red Sonja WHY HE He says the movie is so HATED IT: bad he uses it to punish his kids. They get s
THE ACTOR: Will Smith THE ROLE: Cypher Raige in After Earth WHY HE He calls it the most HATED IT: painful failure of my career, and says he stopped
THE ACTOR: Robert Pattinson THE ROLE: Edward in Twilight WHY HE Pattinson hated Edward HATED IT: from the moment he read the script, So that's how he
THE ACTOR: Miley Cyrus THE ROLE: Title role in Hannab Montana 460808 WHY SHE Cyrus says being in the HATED IT: public eye at such a young age gave her
THE ACTOR: Mark Wahlberg THE ROLE: Elliot Moore in The Happening of the Sorace an woud only have left. tically bent, his GI extent. alf ronce meaceih
THE ACTOR: Megan Fox THE ROLE: Mikaela in Transformers WHY SHE Fox hated the eye-candy HATED IT: character and despised director Michael Bay. She says
THE ACTOR: Malcolm McDowell THE ROLE: Alex in A Clockwork OrAnGE WHY HE McDowell said he didn't HATED IT: get what people liked about the film, and re
THE ACTOR: Josh Brolin THE ROLE: Title character in Jonah Hex WHY HE Brolin hated the shoot, HATED IT: and doesn't get how a movie with such an insane
THE ACTOR: Jim Carrey THE ROLE: Col. Stars and Stripes in Kick Ass 2 WHY HE After the 2012 Sandy HATED IT: Hook school shooting, Carrey denounced the
THE ACTOR: Ewan McGregor THE ROLE: Frank Churchill in Emma WHY HE McGregor took the role HATED IT: to try something different, and regrets it. He hate
THE ACTOR: Jessica Alba THE ROLE: Susan Storm in Fantastic Four WHY SHE The director  was like, 'It looks too real. It looks too
THE ACTOR: Channing Tatum THE ROLE: Duke in GI IJoe: The Rise of Cobra WHY HE Look, I'll be honest, he HATED IT: says. I f*cking hate that movie.
THE ACTOR: George Clooney THE ROLE: Batman in Batman & Robin WHY HE Clooney keeps a photo HATED IT: of himself as Batman in his office to remind himse
THE ACTOR: Christopher Plummer THE ROLE: Baron von Trapp in The Sound of Music WHY HE Plummer's most famous HATED IT: role makes him cringe. It was s
THE ACTOR: Cher THE ROLE: Tess in Burlesque WHY SHE She called the movie HATED IT: horrible, and says the director told her,  don't care about what
THE ACTOR: Alec Guinness THE ROLE: Obi-Wan in Star Wars WHY HE Sir Alec famously said HATED IT: the film led to a worldwide taste for a fantasy world
THE ACTOR: Ben Affleck THE ROLE: Title role in Daredevil WHY HE I hate Daredevil SO HATED IT: much, he says. One of the reasons he took the role of
THE ACTOR: Daniel Radcliffe THE ROLE: Harry Potter in Half-Blood Prince WHY HE He says he hates his HATED IT: performance in that one, and says watchi
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