We've all had jobs that didn't go so great, and from those experiences we usually have some stories to tell. Sometimes, the stories are sad, like that time dude put a forklift through a floor to ceiling plate glass window. Actually, that was kind of funny in its own way. Not so much for him but definitely for the other 15 people in the warehouse.

And it's not any different in Hollywood. Not every job there is a picnic, either, and we're not just talking about the person who has to launder John C. Reilly's socks. Actors have plenty of stories detailing the crap roles and jobs they've taken.

Now, you're probably used to famous actors defending their movies no matter how bad the movies are or how much they hated working on them. However, not all actors are afraid to speak their minds. Here are 29 actors that openly talked smack about their famous roles:

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