48 Strange Jobs We Had No Idea Existed Until Just Now

48 Strange Jobs We Had No Idea Existed Until Just Now

We as a society for some reason decided to look at an adult and say “You do this one task for money now and that's how you'll contribute to us.” The creation of the concept of jobs is an odd evolution of recognizing both a need in society while also acknowledging that not everyone is built for hunting, gathering, cloth-making, or all three. Over time several jobs have been created, eliminated, redefined, or rerouted into the job market that we currently have today. However, there are still some curveballs.

For example, did you know that sex scenes in movies and TV shows need a specific intimacy choreographer? Or that bicycles clog up canals in Amsterdam so often that it is a full time job to remove them? Or that you could make a living cuddling random strangers for a living (non-sexually!)?

Update your resume and learn about 46 careers that frankly flummox most of us.

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