36 Unforgivable Oversights In Product Designs

36 Unforgivable Oversights In Product Designs

Even if you carefully squeeze a hose of toothpaste from top to bottom, you'll end up with a frustrating section at the end that you can't use. The human who fixes the problem deserves to win the Nobel Prize.

The same is true for shampoo and soap bottles, which distribute their contents with pressurized air. When the bottle runs out of soap, that mechanism completely fails, and then you're left with squandered soap each time.

We don't have to be concerned that even the most basic household items will fail us. However, many of them do so regularly. Every carefully constructed Dixon-Ticonderoga pencil is accompanied by a bottle of shampoo that will never be empty. 

Look, technological advances are pretty awesome; however, for some inexplicable reason, many companies choose to overcomplicate their products apparently for no other reason other than to make our lives miserable. Here are 36 examples of poorly designed products:

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