In what is clearly a transparent ploy to get you to buy new stuff, companies are constantly rolling out fancy new gadgets and technology. But because of that push, we're surrounded by tech that should have been retired by now, or never should have been invented in the first place. Even the most decent product now comes with features that add nothing to its usefulness -- or even more annoyingly, actually make it worse.

A CURVED TV SCREEN LOOKS PRETTY NICE. IF you're INPRECISELY THE RIGHT SPOT. But that narow viewing angle means you really do need to be sitting in tha

BLINDS RATTLE: NOISILY IN THE BREEZE. YOU CAN NEVER BE QUITE SURE THEY'RE SHUT. Why not just stick to regular curtains? They gently rustle in the bree

SEGWAYS WERE SUPPOSED TO BE THE FUTURE. THE FUTURE'S HERE AND HAS FEW SEGWAYS Instead, riding one is a simple way of making everyone think you're a to

SUNNY MOSTLY TOUCHSCREEN APPLIANCES ARE LIKE CRAPPY PHONES. Meme WHATS NEXT John~ 3004 Cofeer Congratulaticmns! es000 Buuet -mowmmy 50 Pnders a E Camo

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HAND DRYERS DON'T WORK ALL THAT WELL THEY'RE ALSO PRETTY UNSANITARY. They spread bacteria and fecal matter by blowing it around the air. And don't thi

CAPTCHAS ARE JUST TERRIBLE. THEY'RE A PAIN AND DICH DON'T EVEN WORK WELL. rea You can now actually install add-ons to your browser that fill in squig

SO MUCH STUFF HAS INDICATOR LIGHTS. 2 3 LOCAA AND THERE'S NO WAY TO TURN THEM OFF. Your WiFi router. Chargers. Power strips. What happens when you wan

PUBLIC BATHROOMS USE MOTION SENSORS. IFONLYTHE THINGS ACTUALLY WORKED. Instead we have toilets that flush while you're still sitting on them every tim

wIRELESS EARBUDS: THE EASIEST WAY TO LOSE $20. IFONLY WE HAD SOME WAY TO SECURE THEM. Now, we agree Bluetooth's good, SO you can seal your phone in a

SEARCHING FOr A SHOW ON YOUR DVR? abc ABC !@# abcdef a C e g ghijk h i k I Folder m n O p q r chri S t U W X Save Z PREPARE TO USE AN. ON-SCREEN KEYBO

CUP NOODLES ARE QUICK AND CONVENIENT. THEY'RE ALSO SUPER DANGEROUS. Burn wards see a constant stream of new patients who come in after eating from the

A COMPUTERIS 'PORTS ARE MOSTLY IN THE BACK. 90009 000000 MAKING THEM IMPOSSIBLE TO REACH That's fine for permanent peripherals, but what about everyth

SHOWER PUFFS SCRAPE SKIN AND LATHER SOAP. BUT THEY'RE NO GOOD AT GETTING YOU CLEAN. The fibrous matrix traps the skin cells it's just scrubbed off you

THE DISABLED GET PRIORITY SEATING. GOOD! BUT WHY CANPT THE SEATS FACE FRONT? Extra legroom shouldn't mean seats have to be perpendicular to how the bu

PHONES DONT HAVE TO BE SO THIN NOTIFITMEANS. JUST SIX HOURS OF BATTERY LIFE. What's the point of making a super sleek phone if we need to carry a supe


FRIDGEDOORSI INVITE YOU TO STORE EGGS THERE. THAT'S THE WARMEST PART OF THE FRIDGE. And, it's not like we buy single eggs and need a place to keep the

A LAPTOP'S PORTS ARE RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER For WIRING PERIPHERALS, THAT'S FINE. But you're probably putting in a dongle or a flash drive, and those

THERE IS NO REASON FOR A RAZOR TO VIBRATE. IT'S JUST AN EXCUSE TO JACK UP THE PRIcE. In ads, Gillette boasted their vibrating razor raised and stimula

LET us TURN OFF THE MICROWAVE BEEPS! 0:57 MICROWAVE OVEN 7 WE KNOW THE FOod's READY, SHUT uP. STOP Worse are the beeps that come every time you press
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