30 Counterintuitive Tales from Famous Movie Locations

And you thought the CGI was impressive...
30 Counterintuitive Tales from Famous Movie Locations

Real estate moguls and filmmakers care about one thing and say it three times: location, location, location. That's because shooting on location can be one of the biggest costs when making a film, especially when you have to build set pieces as well. Imagine paying all of the fees and filling out all the paperwork to shoot a big, elaborate car chase scene somewhere then needing to build a giant wall so that San Francisco isn't seen in the shot? That few minutes of footage can cost millions of dollars. This is why so much CGI is done in most movies.

Thanks to advances in technology and computer graphics, it is easy to forget that some of the most incredible movie magic happens right here in the physical world. But physical movie magic still exists and is still real. Read on for 30 unbelievable facts about movie sets and locations that are more interesting than the movies themselves...

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