21 Famous Movie Locations With Killer Back Stories

Movies are great and all, but sometimes the story behind the story is way more awesome.
21 Famous Movie Locations With Killer Back Stories

Location scouts are unsung heroes in the film industry. The coordinate with the director in order to find the perfect spot for the scene that is marinating in their head, trying to find the right location that can fit within the movie's budget. This quest can lead location scouts to some pretty unique places for Tom Cruise to run, jump, and nearly kill himself in during a stunt.

While the point of the location is to help make the movie be more visually interesting and help sell the story more authentically, some locations in your favorite films are just as interesting or even more compelling that the movie itself. Who would have thought Gladiator was shot in the same place a British mutiny took place? Or that the seventh Harry Potter movie was shot in a German town the Nazis had spared? Or an infamous assassination took place at the hotel where The Graduate was shot?

Find out more about these movie location stories and others.

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