Casting an independent filmmaker for a big Hollywood project is difficult. It needs a combination of talent, tenacity, timeliness, including, of course, luck. However, occasionally, an actor detects a chance to move the balance in their favor. That's when the typical white lie comes into play. As it turns out, a slew of high-profile performers have lied about minor details to land the roles they sought in films and television shows. This is just another aspect of the business after the day.

None of those other deceptions is significant. For example, no one misrepresented their criminal background (that we know of!). But it is strange to consider that most of these actors wouldn't even have portrayed the famous roles they are known for today if not for these tiny lies.

It turns out that professionally impersonating other people also makes you a fairly decent liar. That doesn't mean they don't get caught now and then... Continue reading for more outrageous examples of great actors bending (or, as the case may be, destroying) the truth.


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