19 Actors Who (May Have) Lied To Get The Part

If an actor tells you they can ride a horse... they're lying.
19 Actors Who (May Have) Lied To Get The Part
You might argue that acting is just lying. And you'd be right! Actors are really good at convincing us that they're younger, or taller, or more British than they truly are. How do you think they got so good at that? Lying!

Wow, are all actors sociopaths?

It's unreal how many of your favorite roles were filled by people telling directors what they want to hear:
Angelina Jolie thought she was lroquois. AN B, ANG JC 444 CRACKED COM Her false heritage is, ironically, familial. Her mother allegedly made the false
Todd Lawson LaTourrette didn't lose his hand in combat. BETTER CALL SAUL After landing tons of parts off his war hero backstory, he finally admitted h
Chloe Grace Moretz duped Marty Scorsese by acting British. HUGO She's not British, but she hung out there for a few months filming Kick-Ass. She glean
Carla Gugino said she was 14. TROOP BEVERLY HILLS CRACKEDCON The 16-year-old pretended to be a couple years younger No big deal, right? When she later
Sandra Bullock can't even remember her real age. CRACKED COM She was once screwed out of a part for revealing her real age, and she never made that mi
Ben Hardy swore he was an experienced drummer. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY CRACKED COM Then, when he got the part, he took a crash course to make good on his pr
Robert Pattinson lied about his education and nationality. CRACKED.COM To impress U.S. filmmakers, he would claim to have studied at Oxford. When more
Rachel McAdams pretended not to be terrified of horses. TO THE WONDER CRACKED COM She's petrified of and allergic to-horses, but figured she'd just wi
Chris Hemsworth lied about his height. CRACKED COM Back when he was merely impossibly handsome, and not yet famous, Hemsworth stole work from short ac
Brian Dennehy lied about his military service. CRACKED.COM He used to claim that he was wounded in Vietnam, a lie that's still often reported as truth
Laurence Fishburne lied about his age. APOCALYPSE NOW CRACKED.COM That's a 14-year-old Fishburne playing a 16-year-old Fishburne AND a 17-year-old Tyr
Eddie Redmayne swore he could ride a horse... ELIZABETH CRACKED.COM Two weeks later, we were in Lithuania, and 0 was on top of this gigantic stallion
Whoopi Goldberg lied about her age. CRAGKED CON Casting directors ignored 20-year-old Caryn Elaine Johnson, but they coudln't get enough of 26-year-ol
Liam Hemsworth faked his prowess on the volleyball court. THE LAST SONG CRACKED COM He thought being tall and hot was all it took. When it came time t
Grandpa Munster was more than a decade younger. THE MUNSTERS CRACKEDCOR Al Lewis lied about his age to get the part, and kept up the old man ruse for
George Clooney lied to the exact wrong person. CRACKED COM At an audition, he claimed to have been in Cat People. The casting director at that auditio
Laura Fraser claimed to speak fluent German. BREAKING BAD CRACKED COM Fraser said Ja!'' to the first German question she was asked, which happened to
George Lazenby was cast as James Bond because he f*ing ruled at lying. ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE He was a model, but had never acted. He finally
Mila Kunis told producers she was gonna be 18. THAT '70S SHOW CRACKEDCON ...which isn't technically a lie! When she auditioned at 14, she absolutely
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